Golriz and the company she keeps

Golriz was out protesting on Wednesday at the defence industry forum in Palmerston North.? Stuff reports😕 Quote:

Protests against the defence forum in Palmerston North have?turned ugly and delayed delegates getting to the venue, with barricades dismantled and?insults and smoke bombs hurled.

Defence Industry Association chairman Andrew Ford said people attending had found the protests confrontational, and vehicles bringing them to the Central Energy Trust Arena were kept waiting while police and security worked to keep them safe.

Mayor Grant Smith and kaum?tua Wiremu Te Awe Awe were among those prevented from attending the opening because of the delays.

Ford said he was immensely frustrated that Peace Action Manawat?’s?promise of peaceful protest was not delivered.? End of quote.

How ironic that Peace Action protests at the defence industry forum required police and security to keep attendees safe from Peace Action protesters.? Peace Action clearly does not understand the meaning of the word peace.

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Amongst the protesters was Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, whose stupidity often makes my fingers itch and they wander off to the keyboard and start tapping by themselves.? Why she thinks it’s appropriate to play hooky from parliament to attend a protest while we are paying her an MP’s salary is beyond me. Not to mention that she is protesting at a defence forum, against people and products that we rely on to defend us from such violence.? In a city which is heavily reliant on defence money, with both Linton Army camp and Ohakea airforce base in close proximity. ? But then, we would expect ‘the first ever woman to hold the Defence Portfolio in NZ Parliament (from any party!)’ to know that.? Snigger.

I’m using that word irony again, but it’s a recurring theme with this Coalition of Losers but irritating as that is, it’s not the worst of it.

She posted this tweet: Quote:

What people power looks like!? So proud and grateful for so many who turned out today in Palmerston North, raising our voices against the war industry.? I’m calling on all NZ towns to ban weapons expos, and that NZ pull our troops out of the failed illegal wars in the Middle East.? End of quote.

Golriz Twitter

That’s a lovely photo of her with meat worker Phillip Reweti Bear in the bottom right-hand corner. Phillip – and his ‘Die Scab!’ Facebook moniker – has featured on Whaleoil before in this post from March 2016, where he called Paula Bennett a “bitch” and sent her a veiled threat with a “see you shortly” post on Facebook.? He also posted a picture of a dildo with Paula B written on it.? That’s about as subtle and non-violent as Golriz is a smart and capable politician.

It seems that Golriz is happy to be seen with this man, Phillip Rewiti Bear. They?are looking quite cosy there in that photo.

She keeps good company.? Here she is below with Simon Bikindi, who was convicted of inciting genocide.? For a woman who purports to be peaceful, she is perfectly happy to be photographed with violent men.

PHOTO: Golriz was part of the team that defended singer and songwriter Bikindi who was accused and later convicted of inciting genocide.

Who else has Golriz been hanging out with?? We’ve let our imagination run wild.

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