GOOD GRIEF, HARDEN UP SNOWFLAKES! Capital letters are NOT scary.

I bet you didn’t know that capital letters can be scary to poor widdle cupcake University students.

So scary that even just the sight of them can make a snowflake melt and fail an assessment. In fact the really feeble ones might even be so put off that they may not even try to sit the assessment! These are the people who are going to apply for a job with you soon (if they can ever pass an exam or keep their tears from soaking their CV’s ).

We dont need no edukashun!

The Pluralist website recently had an interesting article about this supposed new curse on the sensibilities of the academic set. It seems that the?Leeds Trinity journalism department issued a prohibition in a memo to staff, explaining that uppercase print could “scare [students] into failure.” The missive was about?”enhancing?student engagement and achievement” and included a number of other?dos and don’ts. Quote.

Lecturers were advised to?write to?students?in a friendly tone and to?avoid overbearing language and negative instructions. As the Express noted, among the prohibited terms listed were “do” and “don’t.” end quote.

The memo, which was?obtained by the Sunday Express newspaper, said: quote.

“Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all.End quote.

The administrators?advised that writing in caps could highlight the “difficulty” of the assignment and thereby cause the students to worry. Panic?could then quickly spread to the entire class, they warned. Quote.

“This can lead to further confusion and students may even then decide that the assessment is too difficult and not attempt it,” the memo said. end quote.

So caps have been banned, BANNED I tell you. Well, I reckon that’s about it then. If our future employees, potential leaders of industry and wannabe politicians can’t handle the sight of a scary capital letter, then mankind is shagged.

New Leads Trinity University Millennial Uniform. Also available in non threatening lowercase.

Can you imagine having to deal with the pathetic little toe-rags that this might be a problem for?? I for one am supremely grateful that I am not an employer. It’s no wonder that this Labour-led minority government tried to completely scrap the 90-day trials.

In fact it was only recently that one of our regular commenters advised that he had fired an employee because the little goober had accidentally sent a text to him, instead of a mate, advising that he wished he was working back at McDonalds because he didn’t like having to start at the bottom and dig holes and stuff!

I bet he got a bit of a fright when he got those big scary capital letters DCM in a return text!

But anyway, that’s Leeds Trinity University off the list of potential learning establishments for your kids. Is there any university left that isn’t run by drongos and flakes?