Greedy, shiftless fakefugees are playing us for mugs

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington

If anyone is still gullible enough to believe that the country-shopping ?asylum seekers? on Nauru and Manus are anything more than opportunistic economic migrants, they should be rudely disabused of their romantic delusions now. But, as we all know, the delusions of the ?compassionate? left are remarkably resilient to facts. Quote:

More than 70 asylum-seekers in detention centres on Nauru have knocked back an offer to resettle in the US when they heard they would have to work and would not receive welfare.

In a report in The Daily Telegraph today, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the refusal by a sizeable number of people on Nauru to resettle in the US indicated they were not genuine ?refugees. Rather, they were more likely to be economic refugees and not truly desperate for a safe home.

?I would say millions of refugees have gone to the US and may have died trying because it?s the land of opportunity and one of the greatest countries in the world,? Mr Dutton said.

?People who have refused to take a place in the US aren?t genuine (refugees).? End of quote.

Of course they aren?t. Genuine refugees don?t travel halfway across the world on tourist visas to safe, stable countries, and then pay a fortune to criminals, to demand access to the country with the most generous welfare system.
Genuine refugees don?t destroy their documentation, destroy their taxpayer-funded accommodation, and game the system with the collusion of left-stacked quanqos.

A welfare system most of them will still be leeching for years and decades to come. Quote:

He also warned that resettling refugees from Nauru in New Zealand would risk restarting the smuggling trade to Australia, where new refugees would end up in Nauru regardless of whether they had children.

?Now is exactly the wrong time to be sending people to New Zealand because we don?t have Labor?s agreement on the lifetime ban, and it?s doubtful they would support it. Secondly, there?s too much activity and speculation around, which means NZ would be a pull factor,? he said.

Scott Morrison has said he would support sending asylum-seekers to New Zealand if there was a lifetime ban on them returning to Australia.

But even if the lifetime ban were in place, Mr Dutton said it could encourage people-smugglers to restart the boats, which would take the Australian government back to square one and could lead to more children ending up in detention on Nauru. End of quote.

The fact that these greedy grifters turn their noses up at even the fabled Land of Opportunity, whose economy is currently booming, just because they?d have to work for a living, shows that it has only ever been about the pull factor: the ?sugar on the table? as the Indonesian government once put it.

Which is why it is imperative that the Morrison government not cave in to the bleating of phony ?compassion? from the circle-jerk of head-tilting loons calling themselves ?refugee advocates?. Quote:

Peter Dutton says asylum seeker children brought to Australia will not stay here permanently, but he could not confirm if parents would be allowed to leave Nauru with them.

The Australian revealed today that Scott Morrison plans to have all 40 children in the island detention centre relocated to Australia by the end of the year. End of quote.

Now watch the ?resignation syndrome? miraculously disappear.

These welfare-mongers are playing us for mugs.