Greens new road safety measures scuppered: By cyclists!

If you ever needed a lesson in just how pathetic your current rulers are, please allow me to regale you with the latest cluster-whatsit that has recently gone down in the Queenstown Lakes area.

You may recall your illustrious Green Associate Minister for Transport, Ms Julie Anne Genter complaining bitterly during her nine years of incompetence in opposition that blame for every single road death in New Zealand was to be laid firmly at the feet of the National Party, cause you know, nine years of neglect, blah, blah, blah.

Julie-Anne (none of these deaths are my fault) Genter. Green Minister for blaming other people.

You may also recall that she was very happy that some of those annoying Roads of National Significance were canned by the government that her and her fellow Greenies prop up. She is on record stating that there were much better ways to save lives rather than just building nice new straight roads with nothing on them to hit. Cheaper too.

One of her favourite new ways to stop the proletariat killing themselves in cars was, of course, to install heaps of barriers and rumble strips to stop people drifting off the road and falling into lakes or crashing into other proletariat driving towards them.

So I have been quite pleased actually, to see that the portion of State Highway Six that runs between Queenstown and Kingston south of Lake Wakatipu have recently had a lot of new armco barriers put up in an effort to stop tourists from going swimming in their rental cars.

The powers that be also have installed a heap of new rumble strips, which are of course little bumps along the fog line or centreline, designed to let you know when you have forgotten to flick on the talent switch and are drifting out of your lane.

When was the last time you saw a cyclist riding this close to the edge of the seal?

In total over seventeen kilometres of rumble strips have been installed. But now, about six km’s of them have been removed, because of, you guessed it, cyclists!

So even though there have been zero road deaths involving cyclists in the Queenstown Lakes District in recent times, the lycra clad zealots have succeeded in removing some of Genter’s best work, simply because they firmly believe that the safety of the dozen or so people who ride this route each day over-rides the safety of the thousands of other vehicle users who use it every day.

It blows me away how entitled these cycling lobby groups are. I mean, there have only been two fatal car crashes on this stretch of road in the last month or two, plus another almost fatal one, so clearly cyclists are way more important!

One of the most entitled would have to be?Wakatipu Cycling Club Queenstown president Dallas McLister who says the club raised concerns with NZTA, saying the strips made the road ?really dangerous? for cyclists. Quote.

?It puts us right out in the middle of the road,? he says.

With some motorists having a ?fuck you, you shouldn?t be on the roads? view of cyclists, that?s not exactly safe, he says.

He believes rumble strips in the centre of the road are important, but unnecessary on the side. Quote.

?If you drive off the side of the road you kind of deserve to have a crash”, he says.?End quote.

That’s kind of funny though because I think that if you ride two abreast, deliberately blocking traffic and causing cars and trucks to go over yellow lines or around blind corners to pass your ignorant arse, I also think you kind of deserve to be involved in a crash.

Not sure if a rumble strip could have helped here or not!

In a recent ODT?article, NZ Transport Agency?system manager Graeme Hall?said the rumble strips are part of the nationwide?Safety Boost programme and not primarily aimed at cyclists. Quote.

“[The strips] can reduce all crashes by around 25 percent and fatal run-off-road crashes by up to 42 percent. They can also help improve safety for others using the road too. By helping make drivers stay in their lane, rumble strips reduce the risk of them driving along the road shoulder and crashing into a cyclist from behind. This is also the case on left hand curves where some drivers cut corners,” Hall said. End quote.

I wonder if Chief Lycrist McLister and his cronies offered to pay the ten thousand dollars that it cost to remove the little bumps that trigger them so?

I doubt it. So, well done Greenie wombles and lycra-clad warriors, you have all succeeded in making one of our most dangerous highways, just that little bit less safe, including for yourselves. Slow clap for you.

But unfortunately, the road toll, sorry, Road Deaths, (that’s the new PC way of saying it) are tracking towards another blowout year this year. In fact, I would suggest with the horrendous tally over the last couple of weeks, it will possibly be quite extreme.

I sincerely hope Ms Genter won’t be responsible for any more deaths on our roads, but I’m not holding my breath. I hope she has someone to talk to about the guilt.