Gremlins three: The Whaleoil edition *UPDATED


This is a message to our wonderful subscribers. It has come to my attention that 9 subscribers were expired even though they were up to date with their payment as a result of the server outage. They were all expired at exactly 6.05. I am working my way through reactivating them all.

Please contact me sb at if there is ANY problem with your subscription since yesterday.?I will get it fixed for you asap.

Dear Oilers

As you will no doubt be aware our servers were down yesterday and when we came back online the evil gremlins that live in the servers had removed many of the articles that our Whaleoil team had put so much time and energy into, sadly to never be seen again.

Our writers in some cases have attempted to recreate some of the lost posts for you to read today?but other posts have passed on. They are no more. They have ceased to be. They have expired and gone to meet ‘their maker! ‘Bereft of life, they rest?in peace! They’ve’ kicked the bucket, shuffled off ‘their mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!


In addition to the loss?of these?posts, we were unable to access the blog to write new posts until 7 pm last night.

As you can imagine this has seriously impacted on our ability to fill our normal half-hour time slots today as most posts are written the day before they are published. We sincerely apologise for this and assure you that normal transmission will resume from Wednesday onwards.

Some of the posts that were loaded for yesterday did manage to publish yesterday (many hours late) so please take this opportunity to catch up on those posts today.

In the meantime please be assured that all Gremlins have been beaten to a bloody pulp and their heads left on pikes as a warning to others.