Happy Birthday

It is not every day that someone special hits a big “0” birthday milestone.? We would not be so crass as to mention which particular milestone this one is; you will need to read between the lines.

Happy Birthday Spanishbride!

To the one that holds it all together! To the one who controls the writers, the photoshoppers, the moderators, the editors, the IT people, the subscribers… and the Boss, of course. (Especially the Boss.)

Hey, I don’t know how you do it. (She can also gut a deer and a couple of wild boar in the afternoon and still keep the blog going. Oh yes. She can. Believe me.)

I wish you a fabulous birthday, SB. Have a wonderful day, and the walking frame, a gift from me and Deb, is already on the courier from Wellington. Hopefully, you will receive it by the weekend. And thank you for all your support and help. I couldn’t do any of it without you.



Happy Birthday SB.

I never thought that a dumb fat donut eater like me could become a writer for Whaleoil but that just goes to show how amazing you are at what you do.

We wouldn’t be doing what we do without your expert guidance and tutelage. So thanks for everything, and we all hope you have a fantastic day, with chocolate, wine and lots of love from your awesome family.


Happy Birthday Spanishbride!

Here’s to another 50.


Happy birthday SB,

an inspiration to many, including me.

It’s a privilege and pleasure to work with someone who doesn’t give up, ever.

When times are tough and the going is rough,
when others would fold and fall in a heap
you hold it together the deadlines to keep.

Cheers and all the best from a big fan,


Happy Birthday Editor-in-chief.

It is a genuine privilege to work with you.? It has been a tough few months for you both but you have been a rock through it all.? I enjoy and appreciate the banter that goes on in the background with you (and the rest of the team) getting the blog out to the readers day by day.

Make sure that the Boss spoils you rotten!

All the very best,