He’s just big-boned

Caption: A Muslim refugee on his first day of kindergarten

Adults being forced to go back to school has long been comedic fodder: in 1960s High Time, Bing Crosby is a successful 51 year old businessman who goes back to college. The film is a cheerful look at the emerging ?generation gap?. Rodney Dangerfield reinterpreted the same story for the 1980s, replacing Crosby?s suaveness with his bug-eyed one-liners. The depths were finally plumbed by Adam Sandler (quelle surprise) in 1995?s Billy Madison.

But it turns out that there was a darker side to the yuk-yukking in Billy Madison. Director Tamra Davis recalls (and Sandler himself has boasted) that the comedian deliberately hurt children for laughs. ?Adam calls me on the phone and says, ?Tamra, you know, tomorrow we?re going to do this dodgeball scene. I really want to hit these kids.? And that?s what he did?he really hit those kids as hard as he could. And I cut right before you see the kids just fully start crying.?

Expect to see a lot more kids crying, now that Muslim refugees have cottoned on to the Sandler scam. Quote:

British activist Danny Tommo has slammed ?Political Correctness? getting in the way of protecting children after a school in Ipswich was caught-out allowing a 30-year-old ?child refugee? to attend classes.

An investigation has now been launched after the alleged 30-year-old ?Child Refugee? attended a High School in Ipswich.

Stoke High School in Ipswich was exposed after a concerned parent shared a photo on Snapchat that claimed a ?30-year-old? man was in her childs maths class. End of quote.

Caption: Put him in short pants, and you’d never guess that he’s a grandfather.

I?m sure he?s just an innocent Muslim tot who?s been prematurely aged by the trauma of finding his way into Britain?s generous welfare state. Australia has had its fair share of these early-onset balding teenagers, too.

Caption: Just some of the poor, suffering kiddies who’ve fled to Australia.


A number of worried parents and students have now come forward to confirm that there are genuine fears and concerns in the School.

One student said, ?it?s common knowledge that he is much older than he is because he tells them he needed to get an education and passport.?

One worried parent claimed: ?He has been looking at young girls in the playground.? End of quote.

Oh, come on ? that?s just culturally insensitive. As the kiddie-fiddling refugee Ali Jafari said, after being caught trying to abduct a four-year-old girl in Geelong: ?For us, is not a problem?. Quote:

Another wrote: ?So My son?s school now lets in 30-year-old men? claiming to be a 14-year-old.?

?He?s been there since the start of last term, That?s some huge security breach, apparently he sits on a bench at break times close to where a group of girls hang out just looking?

The School has contacted Suffolk County Council and lodged a safeguarding report and referred the matter to the Education Board and Home Office for advice. End of quote.

Still, it?s not as if scarce resources are being wasted on obvious frauds. Quote:

Politicalite understands that the man in question will now be accompanied at all times whilst on school grounds.?End of quote.

This is just not funny.