He’s not crazy, just a very Islamic boy

Caption: Nope, no connections to terrorism at all. Picture: The Australian.

When trying to distract the public from noticing that there just might be a connection between next week?s terror attack and the Islamic faith, the Islamophile media-political complex invariably resort to a number of tried?n?true strategies of mendacity.

There?s the classics, of course: ?Nothing To Do With Islam??, ?Lone wolf?, and ?But what about the Crusades?!?. Then again, nothing confers an air of smug superiority than pontificating that, ?More people die from (insert irrelevant cause of death) than terrorism?.

But, when in doubt, just fall back on the golden oldies. Sure enough, within a day, Islamic supremacists and appeasers were trotting out everyone?s favourite: ?mental illness?. Quote:

Shire Ali?s family?release a note[d], saying that he had been suffering a mental illness for years.

?He?s been deteriorating these past few months,? said the note, provided to the Nine network.

?He has seen a psychologist and a psychiatrist but stopped as his paranoia and hallucinations led him to believe they?re after him. This isn?t a guy who had any connections with terrorism.? End of quote.

No connections, perhaps, except his own brother, who is awaiting trial for allegedly plotting a mass-murder attack on Melbourne?s Federation Square on New Year?s Eve.

Then there?s his Facebook friendship with one of Australia?s most notorious jihadists, Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf, most notorious for taking family happy-snaps of his little sons proudly posing with severed heads. Police have also stated that Ali had connections to Islamic State. Quote:

For just a month, Shire Ali, his wife and their son, aged about two, had squeezed into the flat?in a pocket of Melbourne?s outer north that is both neat and unremarkable.

The mosque at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre, which has been linked with several would-be jihadis, is only about 800m away. End of quote.

No connections at all.

As for the ?mental illness? excuse: Quote:

Victoria Police said this morning it had been unable to find any evidence yet that Hassan Kalif Shire Ali suffered from mental health issues before he stabbed three people in Melbourne on Friday.

The Prime Minister said this morning that extremist Islam is ?the elephant in the room? and that Shire Ali?s reported marital struggles and substance abuse did not deter from the fact he was radicalised.

?I think that?s an excuse. This bloke, radicalised in Australia with extreme Islam, took a knife and cut down a fellow Australian on Bourke Street,? he told the Ten Network?s Studio 10 this morning.

?I?m not going to make excuses … he was a terrorist. He was a radicalised extremist terrorist…That is the same lame, old, tired excuse for not dealing with this problem as has always been served up,? he said. End of quote.

Just because someone is a nutter, doesn?t mean they can?t be an Islamic fanatic. In fact, it often seems to be a requirement.