How do we want to look?

This telling question was asked?on national television by our prime minister when referring to the $10 million we are giving to Papua New Guinea.? Quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has defended giving money to Papua New Guinea after its leader splashed out on flash cars for APEC, saying New Zealand falls “well short” of other nations when it comes to foreign aid.

Ms Ardern’s comments come after her recent trip to Papua New Guinea for the APEC summit. At the event the New Zealand Government committed NZ$10 million towards improving vaccination outcomes and announced a contribution to the country’s plan to expand electricity.

That’s despite Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Peter O’Neill spending millions on a?fleet of 40 Maseratis?for APEC. Ms Ardern says she’s confident none of New Zealand’s money went toward the luxury cars.? End of quote.

Cindy avoided answering the question about PNG’s expensive car purchase probably because she didn’t want to delve into their appalling history of fund mismanagement and?corruption at government level. Quote.

Papua New Guinea has become a land of lost opportunity with poor governance preventing the nation from reaching its full potential to enable growth, peace and prosperity for its 8 million people. The improper use of public funding and resources by individuals and state agencies and the lack of accountability and transparency in major government-funded projects have created an air of uncertainty and enabled a conducive environment for improper conduct.? End of quote.

Cindy might be chucking our good money into the wrong pockets in PNG.? Has anyone wondered what will happen to the not-even-run-in 40 Maseratis the government purchased for APEC?

A recent example of the government failing to provide what they promised is in education.? Papua New Guinea secondary schools in the Central Province, who are living hand to mouth, were threatening closure in May this year due to problems receiving central government?s Tuition Fee Free payments. A local government body provided the necessary funding to keep them open.? Quote.?

The Central Provincial Government has come to rescue eight (8) boarding schools in Central Province after the schools reported low supplies in rations for students while awaiting tuition free fee (TFF) from the National Government through the Department of Education.? End of quote.

Will our government demand accountability of the PNG government on how this money for electricity is actually spent?

Compared to other developed countries who give away 0.7% of their GDP, we allocate 0.2% to 0.3% of ours. We are lagging behind and Cindy thinks we should catch up.

Her?reason for giving money to PNG had nothing to do with their need for the money or even if it being allocated correctly, it was more to do with ?how do we want to look? if we don?t contribute!

This is keeping up with the Joneses.?Who actually cares about what other people think of you when the very question hamstrings your decision making?

?Does my bum look big in this?? won?t get you the right answer but it does tell you that the person asking the question lacks confidence and is uncertain, which is exactly the feeling we get about our prime minister.? She is flailing about and is inconsistent in her decisions.

We have someone spending our money who is governed by shallow thinking. Not only that, she is picking and choosing her principles to suit.

If Cindy wanted to look good on the international stage, fewer photo shoots for women?s magazines and a strong international ally would help. Why not Donald Trump?? Australia had the good sense to cozy up to him and Cindy should have done the same.

Instead she delivers tiny barbed insults to the media about Trump. She can?t be bothered with him, despite the huge economic and other benefits that he brings, because Trump does not share her socialist values.

Trump is far more concerned about his own citizens than Cindy is about hers.

Cindy and Trump, chalk and cheese.? We all know that Trump couldn?t give a toss what?people think about him giving him the freedom to spend money and make decisions based on merit, not on what other people think.

What we know about Cindy is that she is more concerned with appearance than results and that she is impulsive and careless in her spending.