How socialists keeps the racism cycle churning

The greatest contributors to racism in New Zealand are the socialists who claim the moral high ground with their demands for its eradication. They create racism where it doesn’t exist. They invent victims of racism and then target the innocent as racists. It may come as a shock to many of these self-proclaimed saviours, but one’s race is now, and always has been, a point of difference. Each race has developed its values, beliefs, confidences, strengths and weaknesses within a culture that best accommodates its identity. Neither the colour of one?s skin nor one’s ethnicity at birth dictates one’s character. I believe all behaviour is learnt behaviour.

Those of us who have observed young children, of different ethnicities, would have witnessed almost identical behaviour towards any situations they confront. There is no racially inspired response. They exhibit the same frustrations, expectations and enjoyments. This is before the left target these children as potential victims of racism and then strenuously promote their perceived disadvantages. The socialists are all things to all people. They create the victim and then advocate on behalf of said victim. This creates an environment where the socialists believe they see a need to pass, through government legislation, a favourable advantage for those who they have identified as disadvantaged. This, in turn, leads to resentment by those not included in these advantages. The socialists then label this resentment as racially motivated. That in a nutshell, I believe, is how the socialists keep the racism cycle churning.

Why is it that businesses owned by Indians, Chinese and Maori have the tendency to employ staff of their own ethnicity? It is pretty obvious really. The answer is cultural familiarity. I have no personal beef towards that and why not if the owner of the business desires it? Should a European owner take the same liberty, could you imagine the ?outrage??

Of course, those of different ethnicities, evolve with the habits and customs they are familiar with. We are all quite different?but to expose these differences in anything but a positive light is apparently racist. Ethnic humour has all but been outlawed. Those of colour are excluded from criticism because to do so, will label the critic as racist. The socialists have wrapped those of colour in cotton wool. They have been informed that they are victims. What the left is really exhibiting is a gross abuse of human rights by hijacking the dignity of one’s ethnicity through the desire to advance its socialist ideology. They are blatantly patronising this sector of humanity by implying that they are unable to fend for themselves without the support and protection of they, the superior socialist being and that I believe is the ultimate in racial abuse.


by George