I’d feel sorry for the Greens ? if they weren’t such hypocrites

Following the social media eructation of the pussy-hatted ?MeToo? movement, a new meme quickly emerged in response: ?Reset the clock?.

?Reset the clock? refers to the regular occurrence of ?male feminists? and ?allies? being outed as abusers, harassers, rapists, and even murderers. Before becoming the catalyst for ?MeToo?, Harvey Weinstein proudly took his place in the Women?s March. A cavalcade of ?male feminist? leftist journalists followed in succession. Worse, prominent male feminist Aleksandr Kolpakov was arrested for murdering his girlfriend. Indeed, the founder of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn, became known as ?the Unicorn Killer?, after murdering his girlfriend and keeping her mummified remains in his closet.

None of the Australian Greens have been accused of anything quite so horrible, but their holier-than-thou reputation is taking a hammering as a pattern of bad behaviour among its members is being exposed. Quote:

Greens NSW has joined calls for embattled MP Jeremy Buckingham to stand aside after colleague Jenny Leong used parliamentary privilege to allege he had engaged in an ?act of sexual violence?.

Mr Buckingham is under pressure over allegations he inappropriately touched former staffer Ella Buckland in 2011?

The Greens are confronting ?crises in two states, with candidates for the Victorian election caught denigrating women in the same week as a NSW MP was accused by a party colleague of ?sexual violence? against a ?former staffer.

Members have deserted the party, with former recruits of the Young Greens telling The Australian they tore up their membership in protest at how the party had handled sexual misconduct allegations. End of quote.

Things have been going from bad to worse for the Greens, though. After losing one candidate in the Victorian state election, after her online bragging about shoplifting and drug-taking were exposed, another candidate is in trouble. Quote:

Greens Footscray candidate Angus McAlpine, who previously rapped with the band Broken Aesthetik, performing under the pseudonym ?FatGut?, was found to have rapped about the date rape drug rohypnol, using violence against his girlfriend and derog?atory terms about sex and disabled people.

His band denigrates gay men and refers to ?f..king faggots??

The Greens candidate for the Liberal-held seat of Sandringham, Dominic Phillips, was also revealed as ?liking? pages on Facebook including ?Period Pains, Try waiting for your porn to download?, ?Twinkle twinkle little slut, name one guy you haven?t f..ked? and ?I?d swim in the ocean for you ? LOL jks, id get my turban wet [sic].? End of quote.

While it?s tempting to hang the Greens out to dry, it must be noted that, firstly, the allegations against Buckingham are just that. Allegations are not evidence. Buckingham ?denies the allegations and an independent investigation found insufficient evidence to substantiate the claim?. As I?ve written elsewhere, ?MeToo? has become a witch-hunt, trampling over the rule of law.

It would be hypocritical to demand due process for other people accused, and not Jeremy Buckingham, just because he?s a Green.

The same applies to Angus McAlpine. If free speech is for everyone, that must include the people we dislike. McAlpine?s raps might be dumb and offensive, but being offended is not an argument. Besides, it?s almost certain that they were intended as jokes. Jokes, however crass, are free speech.

Trolling people?s social media history, trying to sniff out that one politically incorrect thing they did back in 2008, is even worse. As one Twitter user has put it, social media is a ?place to have friendly, open conversations with a small group of people in front of hundreds of online enemies who’re watching intently for you to make some sort of screenshottable error?. We?ve all Liked, Shared, or Retweeted stuff that someone, somewhere would find offensive. So what?

What does matter, though, is the hypocrisy of parties who parade their moral virtue, and then try and hide the stench from inside their own house. The Greens are holier-than-thou Pharisees. Quote:

Greens senators Janet Rice, Larissa Waters, Sarah Hanson-Young and Rachel Siewert yesterday refused to comment.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown also did not respond to The Australian?s calls.

The office of federal Greens leader Richard Di Natale declined to comment on the ?state issue? in Victoria, despite his call on Tuesday for Mr Buckingham to stand down over the ?sexual violence? allegations. End of quote.

So, the roll-call of loudmouth moral posturers goes to ground the instant there?s a whiff of scandal in their own party?

You hypocrites, consider the beam in your own eyes, before lecturing anyone else about the mote in theirs.