If you incite mobs, don’t squeal when they turn on you

The left blithely ignored years of warnings about their mania for censorship. Over a decade ago, Christopher Hitchens warned that, ?every time you violate or propose to violate the free speech of someone else?you’re making a rod for your own back?. Drunk on the power of using weaponised offence and social media bully-mobs to silence anyone and everyone they didn?t like, the left paid absolutely no attention.

When Alex Jones was banned from a range of platforms, leftists again ignored all warnings. Then they squealed like pigs when their own platforms started getting banned.

Now another of their favourite bully-tactics is coming back to bite them on the bum, and the left are squealing even louder. Quote:

Has your future political career already been sabotaged by something you posted years ago that’s gonna come back and bite you on the ass?

That’s basically what happened to Joanna Nilson – a 34-year-old Greens candidate for Victoria’s Upper House. A few weeks ago a newspaper got a hold of Facebook posts from three years ago where she admitted to shoplifting and drug use. End of quote.

The left have made a dark art form of trolling through peoples? entire online history, just to find that one slip that they can twist and use to crush their career. For instance, they infamously used some artfully edited comments from a years-old podcast that Milo Yiannopoulos had participated in, to try and claim that he is ?pro-paedophilia? (spoiler alert: he isn?t). Quote:

Soon after the news broke she resigned, saying the comments were made “in jest online, and are in no way a reflection of my beliefs or actions”. End of quote.

The hateful inquisitors of the left have never bought that excuse before, even when their targets obviously were joking. So, I?m not buying this special pleading from them now. Quote:

Especially when they?re being so disingenuous. The comments Nilson made were not just jokes: they were jokes about things she freely admitted doing. So, they obviously do reflect her beliefs and actions of just three years ago.

Joanna admits she screwed up – but says that’s what normal people do.

“I’m not shying away from having said or done some stupid things in the past,” she told Hack? I was on Centrelink at the time. End of quote.

Yes, people sometimes do dumb things, but if you think shoplifting and publicly boasting about it is ?normal?, clearly you move in different circles to most people. Nilson also still seems to be fudging the truth about being unemployed: at least one of the posts refers to being ?late for work?.

After the mealy-mouthed excuses, we get the standard attempts to deflect criticism. Quote:

I obviously regret saying these things but by the same token we’ve got people in power who are draining money from dying reefs. End of quote.

The blame-shifting gets even more pathetic.

“The problem is with the level of discourse in the press,” she said? Quote:

“As long as we’re making this behaviour acceptable amongst yourselves it’s always going to be the most marginalised people that really end up copping it,” Joanna said?

“There’s a lot of people this has happened to that have experienced massive mental health issues and I don’t think it’s acceptable.” End of quote.

No, the problem is, firstly, leftists like the holier-than-thou Greens, who say one thing publicly but act completely differently in private. Voters might be expected to forgive human frailty, but they have no stomach for self-righteous hypocrites. Especially hypocrites who refuse to cop to their own wrongdoing, and try to exploit phoney concerns about others? ?mental health? in the most cynical way possible.

Finally: yes, people say and do things in what they mistakenly imagine to be the privacy of social media that they would never say in public. That?s excusable. But the left have been the most vicious bullies on the planet, and have never shown an ounce of mercy to their victims. That?s inexcusable.

To squeal and whine because they?ve been caught in their own trap only makes them even more contemptible.