In the battle for the internet the Left are the enemy

PragerU writes quote.

The Left controls our?universities.
The Left controls our?mainstream media.
Don’t let the Left control the?internet?too. end quote.

For a long time now it has been very obvious that classic liberals like Dave?Rubin and conservative content providers like PragerU are being censored online. Even Whaleoil’s very own wildly creative and talented Classic liberal contributor Rahera k. had one of her thought-provoking videos restricted with an R18 classification that was frankly utterly ridiculous.

Dave Rubin has many times mentioned the censorship he faces. The worst part of the censorship is that Youtube doesn’t just make it harder for fans to view the content, they also demonetise the videos so that content providers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans are not paid by Youtube for their content even though it is wildly popular.

In the above video,?Classic Liberal Dave Rubin sees it as David versus Goliath type battle and does not want to go to war with Google despite what they are doing to him. He is hoping?that they will listen to his reasoned arguments instead.

PragerU on the other hand, despite the huge odds against them, are leading the fight against the censorship of conservative voices online and one year ago filed a lawsuit against both tech giants Youtube and Google for censoring and demonetising so many of their videos.

They believe that YouTube continues to restrict access to more and more of their videos simply because they present a conservative point of view. Quote.

There are currently?over 80?PragerU videos that are restricted -?more than?double?the amount?since we filed our lawsuit against Google. End quote.

It seems a reasonable conclusion to draw that both Google and Youtube are dominated by the Left and that the Left, unlike Classic liberals, do not have any respect for freedom of speech and feel quite justified censoring speech that they disagree with. This means that both Tech companies are ideologically driven and that they are putting their political views ahead of profit which seems a very strange way to run a business and one that lets down its shareholders. quote.

YouTube calls itself a “public forum.”?They built their ENTIRE business model on the claim that they are a?”public forum: committed to fostering a community where everyone’s voice can be heard.”?Yet, they defraud the public by censoring speech that they don’t agree with.

Free speech, especially online, is one of the most important rights of our era.?And we intend to fight for it.

[…] Every day, PragerU is changing culture with online content that teaches the values that make America the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. Millions of Americans are watching our videos, and minds are changing.?We cannot let that stop.

The Left knows how effective we are.?That’s why they want to censor us. End quote.