Is it ok to allow your 8-year-old boy to become a girl?

Zuri Jones, Lily Maerz and Fiana Jefferson, all under 12-yrs-old

Zuri Jones, Lily Maerz and Fiana Jefferson, all under 12-years-old, are three Austin Texas friends.

Just normal kids apparently, they like to jump on the trampoline, do each other’s hair and play with dolls, just like every other 12-year-old boy.

That’s right, these three preteen boys have already begun the process of transitioning to become women, they are already on hormone blockers and by the age of sixteen will start hormone replacement therapy with the view to getting the full wiener removal at age eighteen.

The website had an article recently titled ‘Everyone’s doing it: Three trans middle schoolers undergo sex change therapy together.’

It seems that there is quite a growing acceptance in the USA that if your kid says they feel that they are the wrong sex, you should just go with it. By watching the video below, you might agree. These three boys seem pretty happy in themselves right now, living as girls, heck they even got a video made about them so, you know, they are famous too.

To be fair, I’ve got a couple of problems with this.

I wonder how much of this acceptance of their wishes to be girls comes from the parents.

A careful watch of the video highlights a few issues for me, like the fact that wee Lily’s Dad is also wearing a skirt, well ok a kilt, (because he’s identifying with his Scottish heritage perhaps?). In my opinion, Mum number one in the middle just has that look of a girl who prefers girls, and at 2.52 on the video, they slip in the American Girl Magazine cover shot showing Lily/Jack with his new dolly on his seventh birthday. It’s just all so normal you see, everyone’s doing it!

You have to wonder just how long his feelings of being a girl have been being pandered to, and encouraged by his publicity-hungry parents.

Certainly, this quote from Lily/Jacks mother might tend to show an undue influence. Quote.

“Right before her eighth birthday, she came out from her room one morning and she said, ‘I’m Lily all the time now, only use girl pronouns. I’m not gonna be Jack anymore’.” End quote.

You can’t tell me eight-year-old kids normally use words like ‘girl pronouns’ unless there has been some serious embedding going on.

Jack and his dolly, famous since he was 7-years-old!

The other big issue I have with this is that every little boy I know has at some time played with dolls etc. My own boy was always getting dressed up as a girl by his big sister and her friends. They would do his hair and put makeup on him, just like my sister did to me when I was a wee fella.

That stuff is all pretty normal. It didn’t make my boy want to become a girl though, perhaps because we ignored it as just a bit of fun.

In fact, I used to have a friend who was very homophobic. He found his seven-year-old boy playing with Barbie Dolls with some of his neighbour’s girls one day and made a big scene of it, taking the Barbie from him and giving him a Ken doll to play with instead. He seemed to completely miss the point when we pointed out that this was now much better as his young fella would now be having fun undressing a male figurine!

But I have another good friend whose wee girl was certain at the age of ten that she was a boy. She was absolutely adamant that she was in the wrong body and would dress only as a boy, claimed to have changed her name, was the best soccer player on her team etc.

Her Mum and Dad are however very sensible, intelligent people. They are a really nice supportive family and although they accepted what was happening with their daughter, they didn’t pander to it. They still called her by her ‘girl’ name, but didn’t make a fuss when she dressed in boys clothes, only wanted to do ‘boys things’ etc. They knew in their hearts that it was just a phase that so many kids go through.

And it was a phase. It lasted for quite a few years but the young tomboy has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. As far as I can tell she is a completely normal, respectful, engaging young lady. In fact, I strongly believe she will go far in this world.

I can only imagine what she would be like if her parents had encouraged her at age ten to transition to become the boy that she wholeheartedly wanted to become then.

I don’t know what the answer is though. I am sure there are some kids who change sex and it is the best thing that ever happened to them, leading to fulfilling stress-free lives.

But I also suspect that there are many more who are pandered to by their parents and communities who live to regret their decisions, or even worse, don’t live long enough to.

It just all seems a bit weird to me, how about we just let kids be kids and help them to work it all out once they are in a better position to know what is right for them?