Is Pope Francis really a Catholic, or just a SJW in a funny hat?

Throughout its history, the Catholic church has struggled between twin poles of progressivism and conservatism. Even at its founding, when it was a truly revolutionary idea, St Paul seemingly tried to reassure the authorities that it wasn?t a threat to the empire. Pope John Paul II was an influential participant in the reforms of the Second Vatican Council but, as pope, he also staunchly upheld traditional teachings on matters such as birth control and castigated the fashionable leftism of liberation theology.

In recent years, the Church has been rocked by horrifying revelations of institutional child abuse. At the same time, many Catholics feel as if their venerable institution has swung too far to the left under Pope Francis. Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos argues that the two are in fact linked. Quote:

Of all the rich, out-of-touch, globalist left-wing institutions, the Catholic Church is the most corrupt and depraved. Its primary sickness is something we?ve all known for years: it?s too gay. As a Catholic who struggles with the occasional homosexual urge, I?ve watched in horror as this pink rot in the clerisy has torn the Bride of Christ apart?

The worst offenders have been the Church?s social justice warriors: predominately gay left-wing activist bishops trying to overturn Church teaching on everything from gay marriage to divorce. And the worst offender of all? Pope Francis, who has been a friend to just about any abusive priest, no matter how reprehensible their actions, provided they are sufficiently left-wing?and utterly obedient to him.

Francis hasn?t just looked the other way, like John Paul II, or, like Benedict XVI, been incapable of standing up to monsters. He has actively promoted people accused of sex crimes, such as Theodore McCarrick, a close ally of Francis accused of molesting boys as young as 11. Francis reinstated McCarrick after Benedict had banned him from public appearances and made him his envoy to China, restoring his access to seminarians. End of quote.

Not that you would know any of this, from reading the mainstream media. With the same double-standard by which they hyperventilate about accused Pipe Bomber Cesar Sayoc, while not even mentioning the string of ricin attacks on Republican politicians, the fake news media run cover for Francis because he?s One Of Them. Quote:

How has the world?s press responded to these outrages? By covering for Francis, of course, because the pope says the right things about climate change and migrants and loves to needle Donald Trump. American reporters practically soiled themselves when Francis, in a painfully transparent stunt, washed the feet of a Muslim migrant and insisted that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. (We don?t.)

You can imagine the panic in newsrooms when a scandal erupts and it looks like all the bad guys are left-wing homos whose Google results show a bunch of speeches about toxic masculinity and racial justice?Journalists have leapt to protect the reputation of a pope perceived as a leftist…[But] eventually, once enough children have been molested, even journalists are forced to tell the truth. End of quote.

Maybe. Rotherham, Huddersfield, Telford, and so many others suggest that not even the industrial-scale rape of children is enough to shame the mainstream media into telling the truth for once.

So, what is Milo?s prescription for ending the spread of kiddy-fiddling leftism in the Church? Stop giving them money. Quote:

Scrubbing the effeminate, dishonest, disreputable and malevolent from the Church hierarchy will make way for a rehabilitation of healthy manhood and a strong Catholicism that returns to its roots. Ordinary churchgoers hate all the hippy-dippy crap. They come to worship Almighty God. Unfortunately, Team Francis still hasn?t got the message. So the best thing for us to do is stop funding Catholic organisations that don?t do good Catholic work. At least one bishop-endorsed, laity-funded group in the US has donated to Planned Parenthood. How did that even happen?

Stop giving these people your money. And stop attending churches overseen by bishops who cover up for abusers. If Team Francis won?t listen to their consciences, perhaps their minds will be focused by bailiffs at the door instead. It?s the only thing these Marxist thugs in birettas understand. End of quote.