Is this decision indicative of hostility towards traditional NZ celebrations?

Bob McCoskrie at McBlog writes…

Despite being a major event which has attracted hundreds of thousands of children for years, and which should automatically qualify it for funding consideration, the agency is thumbing their nose at this family event in favour of other events such as the Chinese Lantern Festival, Diwali and the Pride Parade. But if these ?events? qualify, the Santa Parade definitely qualifies. It seems that an event to ?celebrate Christmas? is no longer deemed acceptable and worthy of recognition ? despite its history and iconic status as an annual event. Is this indicative of hostility towards traditional New Zealand celebrations such as Christmas?

The reasoning behind the?decision?by Auckland Council?s events group (ATEED) to defund the Auckland Santa Parade does not pass the sniff test. I agree with Bob that it appears to be a politically correct hijack of one of the city?s most iconic annual events.

Newroom’s article explains quote.

[…] ATEED?s general manager of destination Steve Armitage said?the renewed framework came as Auckland?s mayor and council look for alternative revenue streams to reduce the dependency on ratepayers.

The agency says the new strategy has been designed to deliver what Auckland needs under it?s long-term Destination AKL 2025 strategy which aims to grow tourism and the local economy in a sustainable way.

Armitage said the Farmers Santa Parade no longer fits.

?This is based on the fact that it?s not a big driver of domestic tourism into Auckland, unlike the Chinese Lantern Festival and Diwali where we have a programme of activity which is sustained for a period, for lantern, around a week.

?We?re able to package up a whole lot of things that happen around the city and promote that and attract visitation.?

When asked for data on Farmers Santa Parade visitor nights ATEED could only provide Newsroom with figures from the 2016/2017 financial year for which 1,380 visitor nights were attributed to the event.

In the same year Auckland?s Diwali Festival and?Lantern Festival attracted 1,450 and 2,810 bed nights respectively.[…] end quote.

Can you believe that Auckland council values foreign festivals and traditions more than New Zealand’s own religious and cultural traditions and holidays? This is not about money; this is about the ongoing destruction of our western culture and traditions enabled by the usual useful socialist idiots. New Zealand children and families are the losers right now but, in the long term, this is about transforming New Zealand into a non-Western culture.

UPDATE: Before this post published Stuff revealed that the?Santa Parade has secured a new sponsor. The petrol company Gull New Zealand has announced that it will?support the parade for the next two years.