It was never just about gay marriage

Caption: Conservatives were villified for warning that gay marriage was a social Trojan horse. They’re being proved right.

In the lead up to Australia?s ?voluntary postal survey? on same-sex marriage last year, campaigners loudly promulgated one of the more successful propaganda lines from overseas: ?It?s only about letting gays get married?. Nothing else would change, they swore. There is no slippery slope.

They lied, of course. Perhaps sincerely: no doubt many were just parroting a rote-learned line that they really believed. But it was obvious to anyone who actually paid attention to the overseas experience that it was simply untrue. In the United States, Canada and Britain, passing same-sex marriage laws had brought with it a raft of far-reaching changes.

Now, just a year on, we are seeing the same changes happening in Australia. Quote:

Christians are being run out of business, hounded by boycotts and bullied by activists, for adhering to their faith a year after the celebrated same-sex-marriage vote?

The founders of White magazine, Christians Luke and Carla Burrell, said they were the targets of an activist campaign that deterred their advertisers, frightened their staff and included threats of physical harm because of their stand on same-sex weddings.

The couple, who have published White for 12 years, said the campaign was triggered by last year?s plebiscite and saw them branded homophobes and bigots. One individual warned their house would be burned down. End of quote.

Even Christian businesses that comply with the same-sex lobby?s bullying are still being hounded for ThoughtCrime, and punished with suitably Orwellian judgements. Quote:

In another case, Christian wedding photographer Jason Tey was taken to the West Australian Equal Opportunity Commission after he agreed to photograph the children of a same-sex couple but disclosed a conflict of belief, in case they felt more comfortable hiring someone else. At the conciliation hearing, it was demanded that Mr Tey provide an admission of discrimination as well as a written apology to be published publicly on the homepage of his website and all social media pages associated with his photography business for at least two months.

?Martyn Iles, the managing ?director of the Australian Christian Lobby and a lawyer who helped establish the Human Rights Law Alliance, said the two cases were ?just the tip of the iceberg? that represented ?a quiet crisis of freedom that runs far deeper?.

He warned that Australians with traditional views on marriage, gender and family were now in ?direct contradiction to new laws???We have had to assist in some 50 matters where people have come under legal persecution simply for what they believe,? he said. ?These cases demonstrate the stunning intolerance shown towards those whose beliefs conflict with the new normal.?? End of quote.

Under authoritarians like the Soviets, Maoists and Stasi in East Germany, everyone had to publicly profess their loyalty or face suspicion and denunciation. Today?s authoritarians are no different. Quote:

?Jason is being sued simply for stating his beliefs. Luke and Carla were harassed out of business for saying and doing nothing ? for their silence. We are at the stage where anything less than total ?affirmation is worthy of vicious attack. We?re spiralling into an Orwellian nightmare.?? End of quote.

The depth of social engineering being foisted on Australians via the Trojan horse of same-sex marriage is becoming ever clearer in Tasmania. The Tasmanian government is being forced to consider radical transgender laws, simply because of gay marriage. Quote:

This parliamentary push is possible only because the state Liberal government?needs to tidy up the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act following legalisation of gay marriage.

Transgender activists have seen the opportunity to push for broader reform. End of quote.

Still, the lies continue. Quote:

Opposition parties and the transgender lobby say the changes have been well ventilated during years of debate. End of quote.

This is quite simply untrue. Tasmanians never voted on these changes and were certainly never informed. Anyone who tried to warn that they were likely, was bullied into silence with lawfare.

Leftist social justice activists have a long and sorry history of rushing to force social changes with little to no thought of the consequences. Sometimes, these only become obvious decades afterwards: for instance, welfarism which has led to the destruction of working-class families and communities, whether black Americans, or white British.

The left, as has been rightly said, are the one group least likely to learn from their own mistakes. Once more, the best intentions are paving a road to hell.