It’s so sleazy being Green

In Kubrick?s classic black comedy, Dr. Strangelove, General Jack D. Ripper frets that fluoridation is a Communist plot. Ripper is insane of course, but it certainly sometimes seems as if the Marxist parties are putting something in their own drinking water. How else to explain the endless cavalcade of rape and sexual abuse in their ranks?

Back in the 70s, the leader of the Worker?s Revolutionary Party, Gerry Healy, was notorious as a serial rapist. His secretary listed 26 victims of his thuggish urges. More recently, the Socialist Worker?s Party was rocked by allegations of sexual harassment and rape.

Then there are the Australian Greens. Pious hypocrisy is the Greens? trademark. The party calls for more transparency, but its own general meetings are obsessively secretive. The Greens also call for clampdowns on donations, even as they trouser the largest donations in Australian political history.

But, when it comes to covering up sexual shenanigans, the holier-than-thou Greens are in a grubby league of their own.

Former Greens senator Lee Rhiannon has accused the party of covering up sexual abuse within its ranks every bit as assiduously as any of the churches the Greens have piously savaged. In the Australian parliament, Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi let rip. Quote:

The Greens, of course, are a party where hypocrisy is not unknown, because?they refuse to deal with some of the serious, egregious breaches of public trust within their own ranks.

?The Greens of course have someone who, on their Facebook page endorses shoplifting as a legitimate pastime as one of their candidates. And importantly, today it was revealed, the Greens also have a person who has an alter-ego as a rapper, in which, in his rap contributions, decided that it’s ok to drug women and rape them, and to violently abuse them. It is an appalling, shameful indictment on the selection of these motley bunch of Green zealots. End of quote.

Bernardi is referring to former Greens candidate Joanna Nilson, who bragged on Facebook that ?I’m the baddest shoplifter there is?, and current candidate, former rapper Angus ?FatGut? McAlpine. ?FatGut? rapped about ?date rape drugs in her drink then have my way?, and, ?I want to hurt my f***ing girlfriend?.

But, with typical Green fake piety, McAlpine claims that he had abandoned hip-hop and moved overseas to escape Australia?s ?culture of toxic masculinity?. Apparently, ?escaping toxic masculinity? entailed fantasising about ?topless chicks giving me coconuts?.

Okay, whatever. I despise the Fun Police as much as anyone, and as a free speech absolutist, I will stand by the right of even rappers to say dumb stuff. Complaining that McAlpine?s raps are ?offensive? is no different to complaining about ?hate speech?. Being offended, as Hitchens said, is not an argument.

What is an argument is that the Greens are stunning hypocrites. Greens politicians whine about ?toxic masculinity? and accuse all men of being rapists. Yet, they close ranks and run cover for genuinely toxic behaviour in their own party. Quote:

They come in here, all pious, defending the marginalised, and yet they will not stand up to the freaks and the creeps in their own ranks who are molesting women. Molesting women in NSW. Who are getting complaints, and you’re refusing to deal with it?We know exactly what has been going on, because Senator Lee Rhiannon has published it?the one that you marginalised because she was prepared to speak up against your freaky, outrageous agenda.

And yet, you come in here, and you try and hijack the agenda that the Australian people want dealt with?every single occasion, it’s about finding some ism, some failure, some victim in this country?the only thing they talk about is how everyone is apparently racist?in this country, everyone’s a bigot, everyone’s some sort of ism, or some phobe, and yet, we know that the sexual harassers lurk within the NSW Greens party.

The Australian people have had a gutful of the Greens and their freaky agenda. The Australian people want this parliament to concentrate on things that are important to them. End of quote.

Because, here?s the thing, Australian voters don?t really care that much if someone rapped stupid stuff in another lifetime. We?ve all done stupid stuff in our youth. We old farts are just lucky that we did it before YouTube and Facebook.

But voters do care about puritanical hypocrites. More importantly, they care about bread-and-butter issues that the Greens never bother with, obsessing instead over leftist fairy-floss.