Jacinda doesn’t seem so keen on letting refugees in, after all

Caption: No holiday for you!

When John Howard refused to let the Tampa land in Australia, declaring that ?We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come?, he was vilified by the virtue-signalling numpties calling themselves ?asylum seeker advocates?.

But Howard was right: Australia is a sovereign nation, entitled ? indeed, required ? to control its borders. Howard was also right that caving to the manipulations of people smugglers would only encourage more and bolder incursions on our borders. Once these country-shoppers got a toehold on Australian soil, they?d never be dislodged. Left-dominated quangos would ride roughshod over the Australian government and security services.

Of course, the faux ?compassionate? lobby stamped their little feet and cried and wailed.

Now we find that some of the loudest virtue-signallers appear to secretly agree with Howard. Quote:

New Zealand is quietly blocking entry to about 450 refugees who could legally fly there on holiday visas, according to Nauru?s government, which has sent a written recommendation from the UN to allow refugees there to move freely in the region.

So far, only Fiji has agreed to Nauru?s requests to nations in the Pacific region ? not including Australia ? that refugees living on the island republic be granted visas to travel. Nauru government officials told The Australian this week that the island nation sent each country the request, including a note from the UN advocating for refugees? rights to travel outside of the country in which they were processed.

The impasse with New Zealand was noted this week by Nauruan President Baron Waqa, who said he was proud to have personally brokered a deal in which New Zealand offered to take a select cohort of 80 of Nauru?s refugees.

The blocking of holidaying refugees has surfaced as New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at a meeting in Singapore renewed an offer to Scott Morrison to resettle refugees. End of quote.

So, it seems that Cindy agrees with Johnny Howard that nations have a right to decide who comes into their countries, and under what circumstances. This hypocrisy is not going unnoticed. Quote:

Amanda Vanstone, who oversaw Nauru?s first stint as a destination for Australia?s boat arrivals when she was immigration minister in the Howard government, said yesterday it appeared New Zealand was protecting its borders. ?Welcome to our world,? she said. ?They obviously don?t want their borders crashed either.? End of quote.

After all, it?s one thing to carefully arrange a tiny cohort of appealingly brown families for a staged political stunt; it’s quite another to face the prospect of freeloading country-shoppers flocking in and never sodding off again.