Jones tries to give solace to Taranaki

This government gave a strong signal that they were going to do something special for the regions. Then they cancelled all new oil and gas permits, and blindsided the Taranaki region.

Nice. Taranaki is in the regions, right? But I guess it was already doing too well. We can’t have that, can we?

Stuff ?reports: quote.

A new industrial?enterprise, with a pricetag of more than $1?billion, has been mooted for Taranaki?with the potential of creating “significant” job opportunities. end quote.

You might have to move on this, Shane, as the oil and gas workers of Taranaki are rapidly finding that their skills are valued overseas. More jobs for your nephews, eh? quote.

During an interview with?Newshub Nation?on Saturday, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane?Jones let slip about a project being broached in?Taranaki by a group of investors known as?8 Rivers.

He said the idea had been “hawked around” stakeholders and civil leaders in the region and the investors had?approached the coalition government for money to assess its feasibility.

Jones said no?decision had been made about that aspect yet but he did rule out the Government funding the project if it went ahead, as the likely cost would be more than $1 billion.

While shy on detail, Jones called the new development “monumental” and would??”create hydrogen and create an output of urea”. end quote.

Thing is, we are not ready for using hydrogen as a major energy source yet. Want to know why? Because we need gas to do that. quote.

In July,??New Plymouth-based entrepreneur Andrew?Clennett’s?company?Hiringa?Energy was given?$950,000 from the coalition?government’s provincial growth fund?to scope out hydrogen’s potential as a zero emissions energy source for high use industries?such as heavy transport.

Clennett confirmed he was aware of the 8 Rivers project.

“We understand the 8 Rivers project could provide significant industrial development activity for the Taranaki region together with export potential. To unlock these sorts of opportunities New Zealand needs to overcome some key challenges such as gas supply and ensuring the CO2 produced can be viably captured and stored in the Taranaki region,” he said in a written statement.

“Hiringa Energy has also been working with existing industry to develop green hydrogen and ammonia projects based on renewable energy.?We see a future where both?blue hydrogen (based on carbon capture and storage) and green hydrogen (based on renewable energy) together form part of a hydrogen economy,” Clennett said. end quote.

I’m sick of hearing about ‘potential’. About how these things ‘could’ create lots of jobs. The simple fact is that Taranaki had industries that already had lots of employees making good money, and the government decided to just shut it all down, without consultation.

This is nothing more than crumbs of cold comfort. Taranaki was a thriving region, and now this crackpot government has paid over almost $1 million of taxpayers money to find new industries which will create jobs when they had plenty of industries that had created plenty of jobs, which they just decided to destroy.

This is cold comfort for Taranaki. Does this government seriously think they will trust Shane Jones, with his poor acting skills, ever again?