Just when you thought it couldn?t get any more gay

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Radio NZ reports on the police being kicked out of the Pride march: quote.

Quote:Next year’s Auckland Pride Parade could be at risk as some partners and sponsors rethink their funding after a stoush over the ban on uniformed police.End of quote.

And we all know what happened next. quote.

Quote:Earlier this month the board of Auckland Pride announced it would allow police to join the 2019 parade – just not in uniform.

The Pride board says its rainbow communities repeatedly raised issues and concerns about the police through a series of hui.

The visibility of the police uniform, they said, made some feel less safe about taking part, so a decision was made to compromise.

A further meeting was held in Grey Lynn last night to discuss the decision.
People Against Prisons Aotearoa are one of those in favour of it – pointing to what they say is a growing problem of police brutality against M?ori.

“They want to use Pride as a PR opportunity. People against Prisons Aotearoa says when you stop beating and tasering and pepper spraying and shooting M?ori, then you can use gay people as a PR stunt,” spokesperson Emilie R?kete said.End of quote.

In other words, Pride organisers saw the cops being in the march as just a PR stunt. For the cops. quote.

Quote:She spoke at the “immensely tense” meeting, and said one man repeatedly shouted and interrupted people speaking te reo.

[…]Michael Stevens was among many frustrated opponents of the board’s decision, and left after the scuffle.
There’d been an earlier walk out when the board said that they were not going to reconsider their decision.

[…]He’s critical of the decision and said there were deep concerns about its impact.
“I think this is now causing sponsors, this is the greatest risk, that sponsors will re-evaluate their position on sponsoring the festival and parade and that people will consider whether they wish to participate in the parade at all or on a reduced level.End of quote.

Yep. quote.

Quote:He said he understood sponsors were already in discussions about their involvement and he feared it could cause “irreparable damage”.

“Pride is actually at a point where it has attracted significant corporate sponsorship and participate both in the festival and parade and of course if that goes away on what basis can Pride actually continue to exist? Because this event costs a lot of money to put on.”End of quote.

Pride is all but dead. quote.

Quote:Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust chair Gresham Bradley said the trust board were concerned about the debate and would meet this evening to decide on Pride funding.

The Ponsonby Business Association said its board was also considering its options.
Bear New Zealand, an inclusive social group, posted on its Facebook page this afternoon that it would now not be participating in the Pride Parade.End of quote.

So essentially you have a group of radicals torpedo the whole Pride march because they didn?t want the cops there because police, you know, beat up Maori or something like that. Oh, and the police were only in the march as a PR stunt, apparently.

At this point, you have got to ask what were the police thinking? Because no matter how PC and inclusive you are, and how much you virtue signal that you support diversity, you will never win.

For SJWs, it?s all about who can score the biggest scalp and once there?s no one left they turn on each other. That?s why the biggest prize for SJWs is someone who has fought for ?social justice? all their life and has climbed to the top of the social justice totem pole.

What?s happened was inevitable. By trying to be PC and inclusive the police made themselves targets of SJWs.

And if the military or the fire service ever start wearing rainbow badges and driving rainbow trucks it?d happen to them too.

So please, no more stripey pins, badges, cars, or whatever. It’s just gay, ok?