LAST Days of Ham at blistering HOT Special pricing but there is a silver lining

Whale Meat Company customer photo of our frozen ham

Grab your?Frozen Ham?now,?you only have this week to go to get your?Frozen ham special.

All good things come to an end and the?Whale Meat Company is?running out of the Frozen Hams.

But there is a silver lining:

The Whale Meat Company?s?Fresh,?Chilled Hams?will be available from next week and you can order for Christmas.

Next week it is time to organise your?Fresh Ham?for your Christmas celebrations.

Have you ever wondered why we associate Ham with Christmas?

Ham is a traditional Christmas and Yule Food. The tradition was believed to originate from Germanic tribes as a tribute for Freyr a Germanic pagan god. Why Ham? Well, it seems that a boar was the central character in a Yule ritual whereby solemn vows were sworn on the bristles and the boar sacrificed.

This year you can follow the tradition of Christmas ham with a Whale Meat Company Ham.

It?s your choice Frozen or Fresh!

If you want a Frozen Ham, You have to?ACT NOW

You can order a Fresh ham from next week onwards and the Whale Meat Company has made it easy:

If you order a fresh?ham next week you can arrange delivery in the week before Christmas.