Let kids be kids (Part 2)


My excellent colleague ExPFC wrote an article yesterday entitled Let kids be kids…?which is a sentiment I thoroughly agree with. Although his article was primarily about not wrapping up kids in cotton wool, I also think that there is plenty of time for them to learn about the problems of the modern world.

Then I found this article in?A newspaper?and I found it sad. Quote.

Kellogg’s has been forced to change its Nutri-Grain packaging after an 8-year-old girl challenged them over their “sexist branding”.

Daliah Lee wrote to the cereal giant in May calling them out for only featuring boys on the box, writing “girls could also do something awesome” as well.

She told Kellogg’s its packaging was sexist and asked it to make change.

Daliah’s mum explained her daughter first noticed the questionable packaging when she sat down to eat Nutri-Grain one morning. end quote.

So why is an 8-year old even thinking about such things? We all know there are lots of women who are amazing at sports. Everyone knows that but why is an 8-year-old concerned about what are essentially feminist issues? Are we all becoming so brainwashed that even children feel they have to protest everything? quote.

“One morning earlier this year Daliah was eating breakfast of Kellogg’s Nutri Grain and noticed that only boys were pictured on the box doing extreme sports. Not a girl in sight,” Ms Lee wrote on Facebook.

“She asked me what was happening and grabbed at the opportunity to write to Kellogg’s herself and ask them to fix it.” end quote.

Aha. So the kid made an innocent comment and the mother reached for her feminist shotgun. I shouldn’t be surprised. quote.

Kellogg’s initially responded to Daliah’s letter saying her views would be “forwarded on to our product development team”.

However, the young girl was disheartened, calling the company’s response “kind of blah, blah, blah” so she started a petition on?Change.org.

On Friday, Daliah’s hard work paid off when Kellogg’s announced it would include women on their Nutri-Grain packaging. end quote.

Well done, Mum. You have now created a new Social Justice Warrior… who is 8 years old. quote.

“Hearing Daliah’s passion and, as a company that values diversity and inclusion, we’ve decided that we will update the back-of-pack imagery with images of both females and males,” the company said in a statement.

“This will be rolled out in 2019, so that we can continue to inspire all Aussies no matter their gender.” end quote.

Mantras abound. Diversity. Inclusion. Women’s sport has been around for centuries. Kellogg just didn’t put women on its Nutri-Grain packaging. Big deal. I’m sure Valerie Adams would have performed much better in her chosen field if photos of sportswomen had been featured on the back of Nutri-Grain packets.

And a final word from young Daliah herself. quote.

“Finally all my hard work has paid off. Children are important as well and need to be listened to.” end quote.

Yet another case where children decide on government or, in this case, company policy. Here in Wellington, we just held a ‘Kindness Day’ because a 5 year old thought it was a good idea.

I echo ExPFC’s sentiments completely. Let kids be kids while they have the chance. There will be plenty of opportunities for virtue signalling and standing on picket lines when they are old enough.