Life without plastic bags

George commented on Backchat on Saturday: quote.

I love plastic bags. They have accompanied me on many adventures and solved many of my storage issues. They have kept my internal and external rubbish containers clean and have secured my lunch whilst nestled in my briefcase. They have carried my shopping home and are then used to contain the excrement of wayward animals. end quote.

I hope you are talking about the four-legged kind there, George. quote.

They enhance my status when displaying a strategically place logo, suggesting that I too can afford the contents of this plastic bag. It is imposable to venture on a fishing trip or to have a few hours in the garden without several plastic bags at the ready. They are generally referred to as a piece of portable luggage. end quote.

Never saw you as a plastic bag name dropper, George. I take it you mean Harrods rather than the $2 Shop? quote.

The only people who declare that they are ?single use? bags are those who are desperately scrambling around searching for a justification to implement another flawed ideological socialist?s mantra. The manipulative and misleading information regarding the descriptive term, ?single use? just identifies the dishonesty that accompanies socialist indoctrination. There is no such thing as a plastic bag now, only ?single use? plastic bags. end quote.

Actually, George, I have to disagree with you there. It is only ‘single-use’ plastic bags that are banned. It is, however, perfectly okay for supermarkets to sell other types of plastic bags. Countdown now sells them at the checkout for 50c. But that is fine because they are not ‘single use’ bags. Only the evil, vicious ‘single use’ bags can harm turtles or fill up the stomachs of whales in Indonesia. quote.

There never was such a thing as ?single use? plastic bag until the socialists created it.?end quote.

Absolutely bang on, George. They were renamed, shamed and now most people think they are evil but they still buy bin liners. QUOTE.

There is only one thing I detest more than being manipulated by a profession con-artist and that is being manipulated by halfwits.?end quote.

I think we should use that quote as a piece of Whaleoil wisdom at some time in the future. quote.

With a bit of luck this COL?s will evolve from a ?no use” administration to a ?single use? administration. What a pathetic bunch of airheads. They started at rock bottom and they have been going down hill ever since. end quote.

Journey to the centre of the earth? quote.

An impeccable source has just informed me that the next piece of Green legislation being presented for consideration, is the compulsory euthanasia of old white males over sixty five. Ardern claimed that her party would only support the bill if the needles administering the lethal injections be sterilised, as it is important for her that our health and safety standards aren’t compromised. end quote.

Oh well. At least it will be a clean death. Don’t worry though, George. She has still to set up the working group, which will take at least a year to come back with any useful ideas, which will then have to go to a?select committee… it will take years. Unlike the oil and gas decision, which was done and dusted within weeks. quote.

Thought for today:
For those who think Ardern has a heart of gold, it is important to know that this applies to hard boiled eggs as well. end quote.

And those delicious Creme eggs too, George. But the golden bit, sweet and delicious as it is, creates a right mess. Just like Jacinda.