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The Five Climatic Zones

This incredible map compares the 5-climatic zones – vegetation,?people, industries and production. Such maps were the Wikipedia of the day,?mostly used for educational purposes. This purpose continues today, albeit only as an appreciation of the creativity, passion and raw effort expended by its creators. Such maps are a gift to all of us.

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Levi Yaggy,?Yaggy?s Geographical Study Comprising Physical Political Geological and Astronomical Geography Published by Western Publishing House.?Chicago: Western Publishing House, 1887.

A ?lovely example of Yaggys Geographical Study, a late 19th-century teaching tool of great complexity and beauty representing an innovative attempt to introduce a more ?hands-on? approach to education.

The Five Zones Showing in a Graphic Manner the Climates, Peoples, Industries & Productions of the Earth,?a chromolithograph chart, 44?h x 32.25?w, bearing a central image of a schematic map of the earth?s five ?zones,? with each zone bearing illustrations reflecting its characteristic climate, population, and economic activities. The corners bear 20 illustrations of people from various races and nationalities.