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Countries That Consume More Or Less Electricity Than Bitcoin Mining In Late 2018

The map above is an update on last year?s look at?Bitcoin electricity consumption. Currently,?only 38?countries definitely consume more electricity than total Bitcoin mining.

Other quick facts:

  • The?Digiconomist Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index?currently estimates that Bitcoin mining is consuming somewhere between?55.63 and 73.12 TWh?of electricity per year.
  • This means Bitcoin mining is now using more electricity than?between 175 and 181?individual countries/territories (up from 159 last year).
  • It currently takes?an estimated?94,000 KWh?of worth of electricity to mine one Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin mining now potentially consumes more electricity than the bottom?750 million electricity users ? 10% of the World?s Population.
  • Nigeria (population?186 million) is the most populous country that likely uses less electricity than global Bitcoin mining.
  • Norway (population?5.2 million) is the least populous country that definitely uses more electricity than global Bitcoin mining
  • Bitcoin mining is the equivalent to as much as?33% of Australian, 24% of UK, 14% of Canadian or 2% of US?electricity consumption.
  • 66 countries?have?lower electricity consumption per capita?than 1 Bitcoin transaction.
  • Only 38?countries now definitely still consume more electricity than Bitcoin mining with a further 6 possibly doing so.