Minister of making it up as we go along

Kelvin Davis is the Minister for huis.? Oops I mean the Minister of Maori-Crown relations, a new portfolio set up by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.? Very broadly speaking, this is its purpose: quote.?

It?s a simple way of talking about the multiple relationships where different parts of the government engage with M?ori (as wh?nau, hap?, iwi, M?ori organisations or other interest/sector groups) on a broad range of issues important to M?ori.

The Government?s intent for the?M?ori-Crown?relationship is to work more effectively with M?ori on initiatives that will benefit M?ori and the nation generally.? End of quote.

Another trough of money to buy Maori votes.

As we have come to expect from this government, we are throwing buckets of money at it.? This from Newshub: quote:

Newshub can reveal the cost of developing the M?ori-Crown Relations portfolio blew out by more than $50,000.

M?ori-Crown Relations Minister Kelvin Davis told Newshub he’s disappointed.

“Anything over we’re disappointed with. We take every step we can to reduce costs, it’s unfortunate it was slightly over.”

Mr Davis attended 33 ‘engagement hui’ across the country between March and June 2018 at a cost of $282,591 – $51,380 more than originally budgeted.

“It was more than we would’ve liked. We were always very conscious of the cost of anything we do,” said Mr Davis.[?]? End of quote.

So conscious of the cost, that you overspent by more than $1500 per hui.? Fifty-one thousand dollars in total, that’s an awful lot of pies.

NZ meat pie and tomato sauce.

So what was the purpose of the “engagement hui”?? Quote.

The hui were designed to get the views of New Zealanders on how the M?ori-Crown relationship should be strengthened. Demand for more meetings meant eight extra hui were added.

Act leader David Seymour says the Government got the process back to front.

“Usually when you set up a Government department you already understand why it’s needed. You don’t set up a Government department asking everyone why,” he said.

“Government can do useful things and it is necessary to consult. But they’ve got this one ass about front and they don’t know what the purpose of the organisation is when they established it. Now they’re trying to find out retrospectively.”? End of quote.

David Seymour has nailed it.? Set up the portfolio, and then figure out what you expect it to do.? Quote.

[…] Meanwhile National’s M?ori-Crown Relations spokesperson Chris Finlayson isn’t impressed..

“The issue here is how much was achieved from these hui. When I questioned the Minister in Parliament he couldn’t answer what was actually achieved.”? […]? End of quote.

More of our hard earned tax money well spent then.