Stuff clouds the truth

Trying to see through clouds, well; it’s almost like having the wool pulled over your eyes, just ask any pilot. As for having the wool pulled over your eyes, well just ask any newspaper reader, it happens all the time. Bulls-wool; that is.

President Donald Trump stands in front of headstones during an American Commemoration Ceremony, Sunday Nov. 11, 2018, at Suresnes American Cemetery near Paris. Trump is attending centennial commemorations in Paris this weekend to mark the Armistice that ended World War I. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Last Saturday, 10th November, Donald and Melania Trump were due to attend end-of-WW1 commemorations at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in France. The date and place of the commemoration were loaded with significance; the cemetery holds the many remains of casualty?s from the Battle of Balleau Wood, regarded as an important action for the American military, but especially reverent to the Marine Corps for in that verdant copse they were slaughtered, suffering more casualty?s in the opening day?s fighting than ever experienced in the Corp?s prior 143-year history: 1,087 of them lay there, stilled, by the end of fighting on day one: June 6th, 1918.

Balleau Wood and Aisne-Marne cemetery are as connected to American Marines as Bellevue Spur and Tyne-Cot cemetery are to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

The centenary of the opening battle was earlier this year but the gathering scheduled for November 10th had another meaning in a way unique to American regimental lore; it was the Marine Corps ?birthday? having been established on November 10th, 1775. It must have been a truly difficult decision then for the Marine Corps to ground Marine 1, the presidential helicopter, on a day so solemn to them in so many ways, because of the danger poor visibility caused by a cover of thick, low, cloud in the sky above Paris presented, leading to cancellation of Mr Trump’s plans for attendance at the Aisne-Marne ceremony.

That the decision was especially difficult is borne out in leaving the ?no-fly? call to the last minute; the president and his wife had already left the American Ambassador?s residence for the heliport when the decision came through. The White House cited weather conditions as the reason for the cancellation, less than two hours before the planned start of the event.

Associated Press then ran a story, copied and pasted to Stuff and hundreds of other outlets, with a misleading and disingenuous headline quote.

Donald Trump’s visit to US cemetery in France is cancelled due to rain?end quote.

While the story itself noted that? “The Secret Service determines when it’s safe to fly Marine One, the president’s helicopter” it also pointed out that “Paris was covered in clouds with drizzling rain through most of Saturday.”

AP?S subtle transposition of clouds for rain worked a treat. In the Trump-hating world, where facts don?t matter, faux-outrage exploded across the interweb, belittling the man and tying his lack of attendance to some form of hydrophobia, an aversion to wetness, a preference for stay-at-home profiteroles to outdoorsy precipitation that demeaned the man and his status. Oh, how they loved it.

Obviously admonished for the misleading bent of the story, implying that the cancellation was on a whim of the president, AP did the right thing and released a clarification, which, very strangely, and for reasons I simply cannot imagine, Stuff chose not to publish or append to the original story.

AP’s clarification said quote.

The story should have made clear that the Marine Corps and White House Military Office make the determination to ground the president’s helicopter due to bad weather. The military office then presents the recommendation to the White House in collaboration with the Secret Service. end quote.

Delighted with the slanders piling into the comment section ignorantly brutalising their favourite political target Stuff ran another, even more, fact-averse, story on Monday from the beacon of truth; The Washington Post, which a gaggle of bare-faced liars posing as journalists contributed to, expressing bewilderment at the reason for the cancellation: quote.

Critics pile on after Trump cancels visit to US military cemetery outside Paris

It was not completely clear why the Trumps were unable to attend. The cemetery is 80km from Paris. Perhaps the president was planning to travel on Marine One, which is occasionally grounded by the Secret Service.End quote.

The astonishing, outright, mendacity of the authors is breath-taking but the childish naivety of the sentence ?Perhaps the president was planning to travel on Marine One, which is occasionally grounded?? as if the outlet didn?t know of the exact travel arrangements is a simple fraud on the part of that gutter-press that stalks Trump?s every move, lying in wait for all and any mis-steps they may raise like a cudgel to beat the man with and who are all in receipt of the President?s detailed engagement diary:


Not yet content with the full exploitation of imported fibbery Stuff pushed it further on Tuesday, disgracing themselves in the process, with a wildly misleading editorial cartoon playing on the manufactured mischief they so proudly pushed as actual ?facts?:

Yes: ?Words fail?? Words fail for an outlet bereft of the courage required for honesty in reporting, that believe to mislead is an act of valour, and whose only sacrifice is in their own already pitiful standards.