My warning is too late: Kiwi kids are already being indoctrinated

LGBT rights advocates march on Washington in 2009 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie. end quote.

S. Bear quote.

And after all, we are advocating the destruction of the centrality of marriage and the nuclear family unit […] end quote.

Ryan Conrad quote.

[…] gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector. end quote.

This last quote comes from the 2004 article After the Ball-Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won?which discusses the strategy used by the homosexual movement to make homosexuality part of mainstream American culture.

The purpose of this article is to warn all of you about the encroaching indoctrination of your children, about programmes designed to use psychology, marketing and training, not for tolerance and respect for fringe sexual desires or mental disorders, but to convince your children that such conditions are normal and that they need to accept the readjustment of society in order to propagate this delusion.

We in New Zealand should all be alarmed at the restrictions on our free speech and the cultural push to bully anyone who disagrees with the gender ideology/propaganda that is rapidly replacing scientific fact, moral thought and political courage.

Despite many years of people trying to warn the public, the creep of this ideological wave has already taken over much of our political authority, educational leadership, and, unsurprisingly, our media.

As part of our party’s stance of standing up for your children, one of our team managed to get a hold of the ?Mates & Dates sex programme that is being pushed onto schools throughout the country, and I have been told?that ?it’s as bad as we thought”.

The expos? of this programme is coming as soon as can be managed; there was a direction stating that the contents are not to be shared with the public or with parents. So stay tuned for that.

What I can state is that I am in contact with many young people who are growing more and more uncomfortable about what they are being told is real; this is? backed by some classmates who quaff down Koolaid as much as possible in order to ?belong?.

There are role-plays with boys being girls and girls being boys. They are telling students that male and female is a sliding scale and there is no real ?boy’ or ?girl’. They are repeating that transgender students are victims and need protection and allies. I am receiving reports that confusion has now given way to fear (only a couple used that actual word, but over the years you learn what teen words translate to).

The warnings are too late. Your children are already being indoctrinated.

Alongside telling your children false facts and allowing little critical thought, the gender ideology in schools has, of course, meant that the identity confusion that we all experience as teens is now jacked up on the ?intellectual steroids’ of gender ideology. They are teaching that feelings are more accurate than biology and that your young person can be male-ish one day and female-ish the next. They are stating that a gender confused person is a victim and that their family and society should accept and change accordingly, otherwise they are dubbed bigots and oppressors.

Gender ideology has come, largely as part of the three big promises Labour made last August to the LGBTQIA+ movement:

  • Gender reassignment surgery to be easier (you pay for that)
  • PrEP, the pill to make unsafe promiscuity safer (you now pay for that too)
  • Education (you also pay for that, and so does our next generation, and the next) aka gender ideology

It is not too late, but it is already late in the game. The push by drag queens reading gender ideological books to young children on the Kapiti coast, Auckland ratepayers helping to fund male-on-male orgies, further demands by Pride parades, attempts to erase Father and Mother from birth certificates, and pushes for more money to LGBTQIA+ mental health rather than overall; all these indicate that we are at the last stages of cultural replacement, which I have always held to be nothing less than the abolition of the nuclear family.

The book that is credited for the redefinition of society, written by a neuro-scientists and a PR expert, suggests that many believe the replacement has already occurred. quote.

In practical terms, this means that cocky mustachioed leather-men, drag queens, and bull dykes would not appear in gay commercials and other public presentations.
Conventional young people, middle-age women, and older folks of all races would be featured, not to mention the parents and straight friends of gays.[…] Furthermore, it cannot go without saying, incidentally, that groups on the farthest margins of acceptability, such as NAMBLA [North American Man-Boy Love Association], must play no part at all in such a campaign. Suspected child molesters will never look like victims. end quote.

Oh, by the way, a recent TED talk had a session presented to show paedophilia as a sadly misunderstood orientation. I guess they are the new victims.

We have got your back, but I don’t know who else has.

New Conservative believes research that shows gender identity issues are psychological and not physiological is clear, and therefore gender dysphoria should be dealt with as any other psychological issue.

Gender identity should not be taught in schools, apart from offering help for those struggling in that area.

Students should use bathrooms, changing rooms and participate in sport based on their biological gender.