New Zealanders & non-NZ citizens are leaving & more Europeans are arriving

New Zealanders living overseas don’t have much to come home to except for friends and family.??It costs more to live here and we earn a lot less, on average, than our Aussie neighbours.?

Sydney airport photo credit Newstalk ZB

The cost of living in Brisbane is just under 10% less than Auckland, and the average salary gain of 30% makes crossing the ditch a financial no-brainer. Australia’s Budget Direct petrol comparison of $1.62 a litre in Brisbane compared to $2.11 here is slightly out of date, but you get the picture.?

Current migration patterns show a slowing down of net migration.?Radio NZ reported?that migration?peaked last year?with a net gain of 72,400 but?since then it’s all been downhill.??

Net migration is now the?lowest since September 2015 and is?almost 15% less than last year. Quote.

Official figures show migration eased to 61,800 in the year that ended in October, because?more people left and fewer arrived.

“Although?migrant departures continue to be the driving force?behind falling annual net migration,?October also had a noticeable fall in the number of migrant arrivals,” Stats NZ senior manager Brooke Theyers said.” End of quote.

Statistics NZ figures for the year to March 2018 show fewer migrants arriving and more New Zealanders and non-NZ migrants leaving compared to the previous 12 months.

European immigrants take up the majority of our work visas.

Although UK migration dropped in the 2018 year they are still one of our highest source countries.?Statistics NZ reports on the changes.??Quote.?

The source countries with the?largest decreases in residence-visa migrants?to New Zealand for the March 2018 year were:

  • China, down 600 (to 2,800)

  • United Kingdom, down 500 (to 1,000)

  • India, down 300 (to 1,000)

  • Philippines, down 300 (to 800)

Migrants coming to New Zealand to work were the largest visa-type group,? Mrs Theyers said. ?The sources of the largest numbers of work-visa migrants were the?United Kingdom, France, and Germany.? End of quote.

The strange death of Europe that Douglas Murray wrote about in 2017 could be the reason why Europeans are packing up and escaping to the other side of the world.?Murray believes Europe is dying by suicide after opening its doors to mass Muslim migration.?

We might assume that is why Europeans are arriving, but why are Kiwis leaving and not coming back? Is it just economics?

What about non-New Zealand residents who are not staying? Are they here because it’s easier to get into New Zealand and they can springboard into Australia through the back door? Are they just biding their time until they too can jump the ditch?

Australia has financial benefits but they also have a prime minister who talks openly about immigration and protecting borders.?

In contrast, we get mumbling about Manus Island illegals and plenty of overseas trips to schmooze with politicians with no obvious results.

I know where I’d be living if it weren’t for family in New Zealand.