Now they are coming for our street names

Caption: Labour’s Bec Cody unveils her vision for Canberra’s revamped urban planning scheme.

George Orwell?s 1984 was a chilling warning based on a clear-eyed observation of how totalitarian societies like the Nazis and the Soviets operated. Within a decade, his nightmare vision would be horrifically brought to life in Maoist China. Culminating in the Cultural Revolution of the 60s and 70s, the Maoists, like the Party of 1984, were especially obsessed with erasing and re-writing the past.

Today?s left is showing all the same violently totalitarian tendencies. It?s impossible to watch the wave of statue-toppling and book-banning sweeping America without thinking of this particularly prophetic passage from 1984:

?One could not learn history from architecture any more than one could learn it from books. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets ? anything that might throw light upon the past had been systematically altered.?

The left in Australia is just as totalitarian: statues have been vandalised, and now intolerant leftists want to erase the past from Canberra?s streets. Quote:

A Labor MP is pushing to have ?hurtful? street and suburb names in Canberra changed out of respect to victims who find them distressing.

Bec Cody, the ACT?s member for Murrumbidgee, says she is responding to feedback from constituents who expressed ?pain? over areas named after historical figures whose misdeeds had since been revealed. End of quote.

This is arrant nonsense. Whatever the sins, real or imagined, of the historical figures concerned, there are no ?victims?. Anyone who ever knew them or was ever affected by them is long dead. Quote:

She highlighted Stirling, named after a British naval officer and WA?s first governor, as an example of a suburb that should be changed.

Ms Cody said Stirling?s leadership of the Pinjarra Massacre, of up to 30 indigenous people in 1834, made him a disgraced historical figure.

?Some people would have a real problem with a person being commemorated for massacring Aboriginals,? she said. End of quote.

This woman is an idiot: Stirling isn?t being ?commemorated for massacring Aboriginals?. This is another example of the intolerant leftist attitude that completely ignores whatever else one of their hate-figures may have done, instead focusing solely on a single blemish.

Anyway, Cody is simply not telling the whole truth ? or is more likely plain ignorant. The violence at Pinjarra ensued when Stirling?s party tried to arrest a group of Aboriginals with a reputation for aggressive attacks on both settlers and other Aboriginals. Undoubtedly Stirling?s party used disproportionate force, and he may well have been a racist (well, duh: it was the 1830s) but it was nothing like as clear-cut as this know-nothing leftist is trying to pretend. Quote:

Another example she referred to was Haig Park, named in honour of British war commander Douglas Haig ? known as The Butcher for his tactics during WWI.

Ms Cody told Radio National that the general had sent his troops into battle ?just to be killed? during WWI and was not a suitable person to be glorified in such a way. End of quote.

This is just untrue. This leftist nitwit is an absolute historical ignoramus whose views seem to be more informed by tv comedy shows like Blackadder than even the most cursory study of history.

As military historian Gordon Corrigan has written, in his excellent Mud, Blood and Poppycock, Haig was in fact a conscientious leader. Although he presided over the disastrous Somme campaign, many of the events that lead to the catastrophe were beyond his control as commander of the junior partner in the Anglo-French alliance. It is also little known that the British very near succeeded in forcing a German collapse on the Somme, as is outlined in Christopher Duffy?s Through German eyes. Haig was so well regarded by his own troops and the British public that vast crowds thronged the streets of London to pay homage at his funeral procession.

Bec Cody frankly doesn?t know what she?s talking about. Her slur on Haig is ignorant malice.

In fact, if she had an ounce of historical awareness, she might remember that the Great War was also marked by a passion for renaming things: anything German had to go. Entire suburbs in Australia were renamed: Grovedale, the home of actress Portia de Rossi was renamed from ?Germantown?. German shepherd dogs became ?Alsatians?. Sauerkraut was briefly dubbed ?Liberty lettuce?. The royal family even changed their name from ?Battenburg? to ?Mountbatten?.

But then, what can you expect from a former hairdresser whose previous claim to fame was being offended by decorative tiles in an RSL toilet, which she had never even seen?