Now they’re coming for your sausage

Stuff ?reports on a new directive from Bunnings: quote.

For health and safety reasons, those assembling a fundraising snack in a Bunnings carpark can no longer layer the sausage on the bread, then the?onion, with sauce on top.

Instead, those hawking barbecued sausages must now put the onion between the bread and sausage.

“Safety is always our number one priority and we recently introduced a suggestion that onion be placed underneath sausages to help prevent the onion from falling out and creating a slipping hazard,” said?Debbie Poole, Bunnings chief operating officer.
“This recommendation is provided to the community groups within their fundraising sausage sizzle welcome pack and is on display within the gazebos when barbecues are under way.

end quote.

This time, honestly, it is so stupid, I just want to laugh. Are people so unable to think for themselves that they have to be told which order to stack a hot dog because a bit of onion might fall out and someone might slip on it?

Couldn’t that happen anyway,? however you pack the hot dog? Are we going to ban hot dogs now?
Apparently, this policy has been rolled out in Australia already, but here it has not happened… yet. But the company plans to apply this policy in New Zealand soon.
Have we really come to this? quote.

A spokeswoman said it was not a rule but a serving suggestion “to help keep everyone safe”.

Social media users were perplexed by the change.

“Soon we’ll all have to wear high-vis vests in the Bunnings carpark,” said one on Twitter.

“Bunnings sell bubble wrap, right? Let’s go buy rolls of this to cover ourselves with,” wrote another. end quote.


And this…

It is like peanut packets warning people that the contents may contain nuts (?) or the warning that comes with microwaves, telling people not to put the dog in it (unless you want cooked dog, that is). It goes without saying. Anyone can slip over on anything at any time. It is a hazard that most of us seem to survive on a day to day basis.

The thing is, you cannot protect everyone from all hazards all of the time. It is impossible. There are hazards everywhere. Isn’t it better to be aware that hazards exist than walk around in a cloud of security… straight into a plate glass door?

Bunnings have always been one of the leaders in virtue signalling though. They were one of the first to get rid of ‘single-use’ plastic bags but they are not really doing much to save the planet when you look at this…

This is a disposable paint tray, at $5.66. I assume by ‘disposable’ they mean recyclable. Yes, I’m sure they do. That is very noble of them for thinking about the planet like that.

But how are you going to recycle the tray if it is covered in paint? Of course, you can’t.

Good on Bunnings with their virtue signalling. I’ll make sure I go to Mitre 10 in future, so I don’t slip over on the piles of fried onions all over the floor.