Old perv offends while on bail: gets bail again!

Police arrest 70-yr-old flasher at Dunedin fireworks display

What is it with the Judges down in Dunedin?

The ODT reports that one of their creepiest old pervs has again been locked up for offensive behaviour following an incident where he exposed his shrivelled old sausage to a poor unsuspecting eleven-year-old.

It seems that Uncle Pervy was attending a public fireworks display where the young girl was present. I’ll save you the details but let’s just say that his excuse when he finally gets to court will likely be, ‘when ya gotta go, ya gotta go’.

Fortunately, the wee lass very quickly dobbed the dirty old bugger into her Mum. The Police were called quick smart and he was confronted by a few people there. This caused the seventy-year-old man to attempt to flee in his car.

By the looks of it, he may also need to re-sit his driver’s licence as he immediately crashed his car into another vehicle as he tried to leave.

Police arrived shortly thereafter, (as did a breakdown vehicle that the old fella must have called as he had also run out of gas!).

an arrest at unity park on Guy Fawkes evening. PHOTO: CHRISTINE O’CONNOR

He was promptly arrested and taken away but following his appearance in court, he was granted bail again, even though he was already on bail at the time of the offence!

How can this possibly be a sensible course of action? If a dirty old man is on bail, (presumably for a similar offence), and he commits another offence against a young girl, how can he possibly be seen as low enough risk of further offending and be allowed out in public?

I don’t care that he is old, (and many Oilers would say that seventy isn’t really that old anyway). He should have been locked up on remand until his next court appearance.

Our bail laws have been systematically degraded over the years and the Labour-led minority government’s Catch and Release policy is making this worse. People who offend against children should be the last people to be granted bail, and somehow this old creep has been granted it twice!

What’s the bet he will get name suppression too as it would be too upsetting for his old Mum or something if he was publicly outed.

It is this sort of thing that encourages people to take matters into their own hands.

Next time the people who confronted the old creep come across a similar thing, will they be inclined to let the police handle it knowing that he will probably just get bail again and be out terrifying other little kids in a couple of days, or will they possibly be more likely to show the filthy old man exactly how they feel about his behaviour?

Now I’m not suggesting any particular course of action, but if the populace isn’t backed up by the judiciary, who knows where things will lead.

So come on Judges. How about doing your part to keep our kids safe from dirty old men?

It’s pretty easy really, all you have to say is “Bail declined, send him down”.