Open letter to Phil Twyford

Judith Collins and Phil Twyford. Photo credit: The AM Show

So you accuse Judith Collins of ?cyberbullying? the young couple who bought one of your first ?kiwibuilt? homes. What a lamentable accusation to make when it was you and Ardern who paraded the couple as your personal political pawns. You exhibited them in front of the media like a Labour chattel. The whole charade was a Labour Party promotion whilst using this couple as the support act. It may come as some surprise to you, but hundreds of thousands of young couples have been purchasing homes throughout the years, without fuss, so why was it necessary for things to be different this time?

Your attack on Judith Collins for exposing the scam that is ?kiwibuilt? says a lot more about you than her. What she has exposed is your comprehensive mismanagement of a young couple?s privacy and the farce that is ?kiwibuilt”. You laid bare the opportunity for scrutiny. What was discovered was that a young professional couple saw an opening, took advantage of it and, as a consequence, exposed your government?s charade ?that struggling families will have access to an affordable, warm and dry house?. In fact, I quite admire the couple’s initiative for exploiting your and your government’s gullibility. ?Well done to them?, I say. The egg is all over your face.

Phil, your history of not getting things right is woeful; and when things fall apart, you attack the messenger. All you have done is call on the socialist justice warrior escape route by blaming those who expose your nonsense as cyber bullies. Judith Collins did not attack the young couple; she attacked you, your government and the dishonest representation of your housing policy.

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Outside a brand new KiwiBuild home with proud new homeowners Derryn & Fletch. What an awesome day with [email protected] & [email protected]? ???

It was you and the Prime Minister who had the selfies taken with this couple. It was you and the Prime Minister who arranged Dave Dobbyn to sing at the opening of this couple’s home. It was you and the Prime Minister who presented this couple in front of the gloating media. Exposure for ?The compassionate Labour Party? was the name of the game. And what happens with exposure? Ask the young couple. They became the victims of your collective egos. Ardern’s and your desire for the photo opportunities has sadly backfired, not only on both of you and your government but also on the young couple whom you threw under a bus. Your egos have some explaining to do. I bet Ardern’s and your attendance was not even at the couple?s invitation.

And Phil, please stop masquerading as the ?Michael Joseph Savage? of the twenty-first century. It?s embarrassing.


by George