Politicians who protest

It?s bad enough that Golriz Ghahraman keeps popping up at whatever latest protest takes her fancy, but the fact that she is part of government where she has every opportunity to drive change from the inside simply beggars belief.

Does she enjoy carrying a placard, parading with others and centre-staging with a microphone more than she does networking to effect change?

With her personal contacts in parliament, and every opportunity to plead her case, her behaviour is unnecessary and completely outrageous.

Just before giving her maiden speech in parliament in October 2017 Ghahraman was on the streets protesting racism.? Quote.

“..who have all that internalised self hate that comes with knowing you live in a community where race supremacy still exists, where people do tell us we?re not Kiwi enough,” Ms Ghahraman told the crowd.” End of quote

Her attitude is certainly not kiwi enough and never will be until she drops the victim card and takes the opportunities for change that are staring her in the face.? Can you believe that this woman is in parliament representing us?

Back in June, she tweeted: quote.

?There are protests in Auckland and Wellington on Friday aimed at the American consulate. Come along!? End of quote.

This was in response to a request for support to protest ?the rise of dictators, fascists and totalitarianism in the world.?

Obviously, it?s not such a big ask for Ghahraman to take on Kim Jong Un, Trump, ?Xi Jin Ping and Putin by hot-footing it with a raggedy bunch out to purge the world of these evil dictators.

Since then Ghahraman has protested against visitors to New Zealand: the Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and also Nigel Farage.

Just last week she protested: quote.

Fine day to protest American style war industry carnivals! My thoughts on why putting a price on human life isn?t for NZ, and how to really build pathways to peace? End of quote.

She is either in the wrong job or she is superwoman, able carry out her parliamentary duties on top of her endless fixation with protesting.

But I saved the best for last.?Ghahraman?has protested against herself!? She is the Green Party spokesman for defence, security and intelligence. Christie wrote on this incident for Whaleoil when Ghahaman?protested spying from outside the Waihopai base in Blenheim.

List MP Golriz Ghahraman at yet another protest

Why are we paying this professional protester a minister’s salary so that she can talk to herself?? We must be mad.

Sadly Golriz is not the only politician who gets her jollies from being centre stage, clasping a microphone and enthusing a crowd.

Jacinda Ardern should squirm as she remembers her antics back in January 2017 after Trump was elected.? Quote.

?More than 1,000 men, women and children gathered outside the US Consulate General in downtown Auckland to join a march to champion women’s rights in the wake of Trump’s inauguration.

The march preceded the Women’s March on Washington, which aims to send a bold message to the new US Government on its first day in office – and the world – that women’s rights matter.? End of quote.

Not sure why anyone in the United States, much less the new president, would take notice of a bunch of idiots cluttering up Queen Street. A newspaper reported.? Quote.

?Jacinda Ardern was among those marching. She later addressed the crowd at Myers Park where more than 1,000 people lined the hills holding banners and signs proudly above their heads.

Ardern told the crowd the march matters because it shows women fighting together to trigger change.

“We know the power of the collective. You shut down Queen St without one police officer in sight.”

She talked mainly about the gender pay gap and violence against women.

“Nothing shows you you’ve gone global quite like the fine men and women of Auckland taking to the streets.” End of quote.

Apparently shutting down Queen Street means ?going global?.? Who knew?? Did Ardern realise that the protest was about Trump?s inauguration? She certainly didn?t make that at all clear when she spoke to the enormous crowd of 1,000.? ?Quote.

Jacinda Ardern and Liz Marvelly at anti-Trump protest

Several marchers were shouting “dump Trump” as others cheered and waved signs.? End of quote.

How embarrassing! The image of Jacinda Ardern and Liz Marvelly protesting looks like a bit of fun on a girl?s day out but Ardern is now the leader of the Labour Party and the government and the future of our relationship with the US rests directly on her dialogue with the president of the United States.? No wonder that relationship went awry.

Trump was unsympathetic to our pleas for relief from his imposed tariffs on our exported steel, so it seems she did not manage that dialogue well.? Australia achieved relief but we did not.

Question is: would Ardern join a protest against Trump if he wins the next US election? ?Please, let the answer be no!

Assuming she is now sensible enough to avoid making a similar public misstatement, is she just the tiniest bit embarrassed when she recollects her protest against Trump?s inauguration back in 2017?

I would ask the same question about whether Ghahraman is embarrassed by her constant misguided protesting but given her penchant for continuing to do it, we all now know the answer to that.