Red star rising in Victoria

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington

I?ve written several times about the incompetence and corruption of the socialist Andrews Labor government in Victoria. It?s just got worse.

Refusing to act on the violent lawlessness of African gangs, peddling the creepy Safe Schools grooming program, and feathering his political nest with taxpayers? money are all bad enough. But selling out your country?s national security to an authoritarian communist state is a whole new level of venality. Quote:

Scott Morrison has lashed out at Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for signing a secret infrastructure deal with China?The BRI refers to the routes linking China to the rest of the world, including Africa, Europe and Asia in one of history?s greatest construction strategies. End of quote.

Andrews, whose first act in government was spending one billion dollars not to build a road, has suddenly been spruiking nearly 100 billion dollars in election promises. Now we know where the money is coming from.

This is such a shocking betrayal that even Federal Labor MPs are horrified. Quote:

Amid growing concerns over the strategic implications of Chinese President Xi Jinping?s signature foreign policy initiative, a number of federal Labor MPs told The Australian they were astonished the Andrews government had decided to break ranks with federal Labor to back the controversial initiative.

?This must be stopped. Everyone knows that Andrews has messed up law and order in Victoria. He can?t now be allowed to mess up national security as well,? a senior Labor MP said.

Another warned it could help Beijing expand its influence in the state and take strategic stakes in key infrastructure projects.

?In the Pacific we know there are going to be concerns about some of the (BRI) loans and what China might take if the country can?t repay its loans,? the MP said.

?It is easy for Daniel to do ?because at the end of the day he can afford to be selfish about this because he is not going to have to look after the national interest.?

A third Labor figure said it was disappointing the Andrews government had decided to ignore federal party policy, given China?s human rights violations, disregard for the global rules-based order and predatory lending practices in developing countries. End of quote.

A sign at China?s Juiquan space centre unequivocally states its ambition: ?Without haste, without fear, we conquer the world?. China is already turning the Pacific into a Chinese lake and vast swathes of Africa are being turned into its client states. Chinese state-owned companies have been used to spy in the west.

At the local level, China has stolen military technology from Australia, is openly threatening its nationals resident here, and is infiltrating hundreds of its spies into Australian universities. Now it can count the Victorian government among its useful idiots. Quote:

Former Labor defence minister Stephen Conroy ? who remains influential in the Victorian Right ? last night told Sky News he was ?surprised? by the deal and it should not be kept secret.

?China is playing Australia on a break at the moment,? he said. ?It likes to punish, likes to reward, it likes to play favourites. And it is playing people off each other.? End of quote.

Foreign policy experts across the political spectrum are also shocked at this reckless disregard for the national interest. Clive Hamilton is a former Greens candidate. Andrew Hastie is a former SAS commander with degrees in history and philosophy. Neither is impressed with the Andrews government?s treachery. Quote:

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, the chair of the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and ?security, said Victoria was ??secretly trading away Australian sovereignty?. Victorian MP Tim Wilson said Mr Andrews did not consider the national interest ?in doing this secret deal with China?.

?They must be chortling in Beijing that even after the end of the Cold War there are still useful ?idiots like Dan Andrews in countries like ours,? Mr Wilson said.

Clive Hamilton, whose book ?Silent Invasion details Beijing?s sophisticated campaign to extend its influence in Australia, said the Andrews government?s decision was ?wilful naivety? that ?represents a break in solidarity in resisting the Chinese Communist Party?s influence in Australia?.

Rory Medcalf, head of ANU?s National Security College, said Victoria had delivered a propaganda victory to China, signalling Australian states would ?bit-by-bit succumb to the charms of the BRI?. End of quote.

Without thinking, with their greedy hands outstretched, socialist idiots are betraying us.