Refugees use children as golden tickets to the good life

From tranny tots to preteens taking a knee, contemporary politics is rife with parents using their children as animated political voodoo dolls. They trot out their well-trained offspring to sing and dance for the ostentatious approval of the echo-chamber.

?Politicians of both parties often stoop to using our children as props,? wrote Michael Reagan. ?[It?s] almost always an emotional and irrational appeal made in desperation by those who don?t have a reasonable or legitimate argument.? Thus, the left resort to pearl-clutching shrieks of ??Won?t somebody please think of the children?? to try and get their way on everything from transgenderism to illegal immigration.

Worse, though, are the parents who blatantly use their children as bargaining chips. The United States has long had to deal with illegal immigrants using children as anchor babies. Now, Australia is having to deal with asylum seekers whoring out their littlies, to try and blackmail their way into the country. Quote:

The term ?resignation syndrome? arose just over a decade ago in Sweden. It described what doctors were seeing among refugees from the Middle East and Central Asia. Children became listless withdrawing from communication and refusing to eat and drink. The decline was closely linked to failed migration claims.

Intriguingly, several of the children also reported anger that their parents had not made stronger attempts to learn Swedish and integrate locally.

The cure, unique in medical history, was to receive permanent residency into Sweden. While not immediate, the children would steadily recover as the families began to build their new Swedish lives. End of quote.

In other words, the kids were being fed their country-shopping parents? anger and resentment that paying thousands to criminal people-smugglers was turning out to be a dud investment. But, lo! Getting access to the glittering welfare states of northern Europe was the miracle cure mum and dad had been shopping for.

Funny about that. Quote:

Now the term has become a new political football in the latest round of the politics of asylum?The term resignation syndrome has only arisen in Australian discourse this year, an example of the globalisation of refugee illness behaviour. End of quote.

These people might be greedy and shiftless, but they?re not stupid. Just as people-smugglers keep an astute ear to the ground, listening for the sound of weakening borders, asylum seekers are well-tuned into the tactics of destroying documentation, forging sob-stories, and manipulating the appeals process. Quote:

Activist paediatrician David Isaaks, in an interview to ABC radio, spoke of how the children suffering resignation syndrome were perfectly well barely a month ago. This exposes the lie that conditions in Nauru are intolerable. Much like in Sweden, the decline in health is almost entirely linked to failed migration claims.

A significant number of those left in Nauru were rejected recently from United States processing. Peter Dutton has since said that those who did receive clearance to live in the United States have expressed disappointment at the less generous resettlement programs and welfare safety net in the land of the free. The same refugees have told those in Nauru that Australia or New Zealand remain much better options.

There is no question that long-term uncertainty regarding one?s future is distressing, but the physical conditions in Nauru where the asylum seekers are clothed, sheltered and fed have little to do with it.

The children?s decline is the physical expression of a psychological response, one that reflects the disappointment and anger the families are experiencing. End of quote.

?Resignation syndrome? is a conveniently made-up term designed purely to manipulate the asylum seeker debate. There is already a much more well-attested syndrome that describes exactly what we are seeing here.

?Munchausen by proxy? syndrome is a form of mental illness where adults cause or fabricate symptoms in a child. Parents of MBPS are often quite aware of how to manipulate systems to their advantage. There have long been allegations that asylum seeker advocates deliberately coach would-be refugees in self-harming as a means of getting to Australia.

If children are being ?abused?, it?s by asylum-seekers and their watermelon cheer-squads.

The refugee lobby are the ultimate hypocrites. For all their head-tilting posturing of ?compassion?, they are the ones with blood on their hands. The left?s open-borders led to more than a thousand deaths at sea and crowded detention centres. For all their bleating about ?suffering? children, that one?s on them, too.

The left created this wicked problem; they have no right to brow-beat the rest of us now.