Santa Pride parade?

Thousands watch the 1983 Farmers Santa Parade.

So due to inclement weather, Auckland has given itself a week to find a fat woman with a beard who is prepared to pose as Santa.?Isn’t that just great?

Even Simon Bridges disagrees with this one.?Newshub?reports: quote.

Appearing on the?AM Show?on Monday morning, the opposition leader?was asked to wade in on the debate about the?decision by?Farmers to sack their Santa?from the Auckland?Christmas parade for comments made about St Nicholas’s gender.

But Bridges said that decision was?political?correctness?”gone too far”.

“You guys this morning are telling me that man didn’t walk on the moon, now you’re telling me Santa’s a woman – I just want a few things I can believe in.” end quote.

Perhaps this is not the place to speculate as to why Simon Bridges wants to believe in Santa Claus, although it may have something to do with his popularity ratings.

However, in another article,?Newshub points out that a male-only policy regarding the Santa appointment?may amount to unlawful discrimination.

Yes, you heard it here first. quote.

An employment law expert says only hiring men to be Santa is “unlawful discrimination”.

Employment law expert Jennifer Mills joined The AM Show on Monday and argues there’s “no reason Santa can’t be a woman”.

“It is unlawful under the Human Rights Act to discriminate on the basis of sex when the comparator group is substantially similar capabilities and substantially similar circumstances,” she told host Duncan Garner.

“Who would notice if it’s a man or woman in the Santa suit in any event?” end quote.

Erm… women have breasts. Are you seriously saying nobody would notice that? quote.

A spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission told NZME sex was a “prohibited ground of discrimination” under the Act. However, there are some circumstances when it’s not unlawful to discriminate on gender, including for “reasons of authenticity”.?end quote.

Are there really truckloads of obese women with beards lining up to take a job that last a few weeks a year and involves having endless children sitting on their knees? I can’t think of anything worse.

I did notice, however, on The Panel on RNZ last Monday, Mihirangi Forbes was emphatic that there is no problem with having a female Santa… but when asked if a man could play Mary Poppins, she managed to deflect the question.

Obviously that is why, when TVNZ reported that Wednesday was exactly 125 years since women first exercised their right to vote (are we EVER going to hear the end of this?), the parting shot was that women were equal… but now they needed MORE equality. I may be dumb, but isn’t that asking for preferential treatment, rather than equality?

I mean if a woman can be Santa but a man can’t be Mary Poppins, then that is discrimination, isn’t it?

I have the answer for the organisers of the Santa Parade, that might give them back the ATEED funding. Advertise for an LGBTQIA person to play Santa. This may result in a few sequins on the Santa suit, but nothing like a bit of bling, is there?

Santa is traditionally a European older male. In other words, an old white man. No wonder so many people want to see it changed.