Send them Allahu Ack-the-hell-back

The debate in Australia about Islam and terrorism has been as fogged by cant and obfuscation as anywhere else in the world. When thousands of wannabe jihadis put up their hands to get a shot at their 72 virgins, the Australian government made the inexplicable decision not to let the allahu ackbarkers just sod off to some middle-eastern war zone, and let natural selection take its course.

Now it looks like commonsense is slowly dawning. Quote:

The government is considering a plan to cancel the citizenship of Aussies identified as serious terror threats, or if they?ve been flagged for extremism. End of quote.

It?s been mystifying enough that Australia keeps importing extremists, but it?s downright infuriating when the government goes out of its way to keep them here. Quote:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is debating the idea, which would see potential terror threats, with heritage from a foreign country, stripped of their Australian citizenship.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the plan would only apply to Aussies who have parents or grandparents from different countries thus allowing them to obtain citizenship somewhere else.

Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Jason Wood also called for residents, who were born overseas, but later became Australian citizens, to be immediately deported if they engaged in extremism.

?As far as I?m concerned, if you?ve put your hand up to say you uphold the rights and responsibility of Australian citizenship, but the next minute you want to talk jihad all day, it?s a breach of contract and you need to go,? Mr Wood said. End of quote.

This is the sort of discussion Australia should have had a decade ago – before our cities got covered in ugly, useless diversity bollards, and armed guards were needed at Jewish schools. Quote:

The plan comes the same week three Melbourne men ? brothers Ertunc Eriklioglu, 30 and Samed Eriklioglu, 26 and Hanifi Halis, 21 ? were charged with allegedly planning a deadly terror attack on Melbourne.

Victoria Police later confirmed the men had all had their Australian passports cancelled this year and were of Turkish background. End of quote.

Don?t hold your breath waiting for Muslim community leaders to come to the table. Quote:

Yesterday, Australia?s top Muslim leaders announced they would be boycotting a proposed roundtable with Mr Morrison that was going to give them an opportunity to discuss extremism in Australia.

The group of leaders, including Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed and the presidents of the Islamic councils of Victoria and Queensland, signed a letter last night explaining to the prime minister why they would not attend the meeting. End of quote.

Of course, they won?t because they don?t want to actually stop the people whose goals they secretly sympathise with. Quote:

Mr Morrison addressed the boycott yesterday, saying the leaders were ?continuing down a path of denial?I won?t cop the excuses,? he said?

?If there are people in a religious community, an Islamic community, that are bringing in hateful, violent, extremist ideologies into your community, you?ve got to call it out.? End of quote.

And ship them out.