Sex clowns and pedobots: Business as usual at the ABC

Caption: We’re paying a billion dollars a year for quality programming like this.

In 1975, the ABC?s flagship Lateline program hosted a panel where ?the issues raised by [pedophilic] relationships are discussed by three pederasts?. Two of the pederasts were friends of host Richard Neville (who himself confessed to at least one pedophilic relationship with an under-age girl). Producer Allan Ashbolt was a Marxist admirer.

Nearly half a century later, nothing has changed much. The ABC?s flagship programs are still parading weirdos talking about creepy fetishes. Quote:

Viewers were left perplexed after Monday’s ABC Q&A episode which covered an odd range of topics like whether there was a place for child-like sex toys in society.

The panel drew ideas from the ‘disruptive’ Festival Of Dangerous Ideas held in Sydney at the weekend, and invited one of it’s performers, sex clown Betty Grumble. End of quote.

Back in ?75, the pedo-panel ?described with relish their sexual relationships with teenage boys and a teenage boy described his relations with an older man…one of the pederasts was heard to moan with delight.? In 2018, QandA has ?sex clowns? babbling about how the ?shame around [sex work] is really ungroovy and not very progressive?. Right on, man (cis or trans).

The show also discussed such hot-button issues as ?a lived experience of being neurodiverse? and ?actively engag[ing] the body to enact transgressive ideas and? activat[ing] our bodies to confront questions of gender, sexuality and autonomy thereby enacting modes of change?.

Which is, I am sure, just as much a topic of discussion around your dinner-table as it is mine.

What was interesting, though was how the ABC?s left-wing bias distorted even a discussion of sex toys. Despite the fact that women?s sex toys are by far the biggest sellers, the panel obsessively fretted about ?incels?, the alt-right, and ?the patriarchy?. Even though the world?s most expensive sex toy is a vibrator, and the panel?s ?sexologist? sex robot expert (seriously ? how do you even get such a job?) plainly admitting that the bots are available with both inny and outy bits, the panel blamed ?rich misogynists?.

But, hey, at least the ABC has some standards. Quote:

Host Tony Jones took a pragmatic approach to quizzing guests on a variety of racy ‘socio technical’ matters, at one point pointing out how ‘creepy’ child sex dolls were.

Ms Goldstein said an issue with current sex doll models was them being difficult to move due to their size, meaning manufacturers had starting making them smaller.

‘That’s actually outright creepy, I mean are we talking about some sort of pedophile bot?,’ Mr Jones asked Ms Goldstein. End of quote.

But the sex-clown-bot roadshow was too much, even for ABC loyalists. Quote:

‘Tonight’s #qanda is absolutely excruciating. These are some incredibly intelligent panelists, but they are being pushed by the producers into covering way too many topics,’ someone wrote to Twitter.

‘These are heavy sociotechnical topics that need focus and time to unpack, and we are just getting hot takes,’ they added.

‘After sitting with my mouth open for 30 minutes not knowing what was happening on my TV I had to switch channels. I try to watch this garbage objectively but can’t,’ another wrote. End of quote.

Oh, come on ? we?re paying more than a billion dollars a year for the ABC. What do you want, value for money? Quote:

Hundreds of viewers thought the episode was an example of misused taxpayer funds, with someone writing: ‘It is a sad indictment on our society when taxpayers funds are used to prop up this trash.’

Another agreed: ‘What a waste of taxpayers money. ABC highlights again why it?s disconnected from the community’. End of quote.

But it?s intimately connected to its own community. Back in ?75, the ABC?s managing director airily dismissed criticism of the ?pederast? show, saying, ?in general, men will sleep with young boys?. No doubt the inner-city millennial hipsters who run the ABC from its staff collective were absolutely thrilled with the sex-clown show, too.