What Shane Jones needs to do to get help with his billion trees

Going away for a Christmas holiday? Getting your vehicle serviced beforehand? Go to Pitstop. They will change the oil, check the brakes, do a wheel alignment and plant a tree on your behalf….

Sorry… what was that?

In one of the biggest pieces of virue signalling I’ve seen since Countdown got rid of plastic bags, Pitstop have gone all environmental on us. Get your vehicle serviced by Pitstop and they will plant a tree on your behalf “in association with Sustainable Coastlines”.

See the full nauseating advert?here.

I guess Shane Jones did not want to be outdone by Phil Twyford, who, after campaigning on how the government was going to build 100,000 houses, just got private developers to do all the work for him instead. Now all he has to do is to slap a Kiwibuild sticker on every house that is completed and voila! Election promise completed.

Now Shane can do the same thing. With Pitstop doing all the work for him and planting a tree for each customer that rolls through the door, his one billion trees will be planted in no time.

Just one thing.

I don’t want a tree planted on my behalf. I’d rather pay less for my service. If Pitstop think this is a great way to get extra customers… well, it isn’t.

Maybe they really are working in collusion with the supermarkets, who now need more trees planted because everyone is clamouring for paper bags these days.


I don’t know. All I know is that I am sick to death of virtue signalling. Wherever I go to have my car serviced, it won’t be Pitstop.