She’ll join any club that won’t have her

Groucho Marx famously said that he wouldn?t join any club that would have him as a member. Feminists are grimly determined to force their way into any club that doesn?t want them.

It?s an egregious double-standard, of course. Women-only spaces abound in Australia, as in most of the Western world. In politics especially, women have been aggressively demanding female-only spaces since at least the Greenham Common protest camp in the 1980s.

But, woe betide men who want the same liberty. Quote:

Annastacia Palaszczuk has accused the Tattersall?s Club?in Brisbane of being ?out of step? with the community as an ?increasingly ?bitter brawl has erupted within its male-only ranks over whether to allow female membership.

The Queensland Premier yesterday warned that her cabinet ? whose male ministers were ?offered ?honorary membership? after sweeping to power in 2015 ? would continue to boycott the 153-year-old, inner-city club until women were allowed to join. End of quote.

Is Pluckachook likewise demanding that men be allowed to join, say, the Brisbane chapter of the Soroptomist club, or Zonta? What about the Vulcanist women-only circus? Or that other women-only circus, Emily?s List?

Will Plucka ban the women in her cabinet from having memberships at Fernwood or Curves? Quote:

A proposed ballot of the club?s 4800 members could be announced within the next few days, as Tattersall?s president Stuart Fraser conceded he needed to ??restore harmony? after floating the proposal for female membership almost two months ago.

Three Tattersall?s executive ?office holders who oppose allowing female members were suspended or stood down last week over their internal campaigning, involving alleged breaches of the Privacy Act.

Lawyers have been engaged in a looming bid to change voting rules to require a majority of the total membership, not just of those who vote in the ballot, needed to open membership to women. End of quote.

Like the city-based leftists attempting to infiltrate the Country Women?s Association and steer it into being just another left-wing lobby group, this is nothing to do with equality. It?s all about a mean-spirited intolerance of everything these activists don?t like. Quote:

A Tattersall?s member who refused to be named said he believed any ballot would defeat a push for women members. ?We socialise differently, and men need space to talk about their problems together in the same way women are able,? he said.

Sydney?s Tattersall?s Club ?allowed women members in 2013, but other men-only clubs remain, including The Athenaeum Club and the Savage Club, both in ?Melbourne. End of quote.

If a bunch of stuffy, rich business-men want to hang out together, let them. It?s no skin off my nose or yours but there are always some people who just can?t bear to think that someone has something that they don?t.

If the situations were reversed, feminists would be squealing like stuck pigs. Once again, we see that contemporary feminism has nothing to do with equality, but everything to do with malice, envy and hypocritical misandry.