Shorten dog-whistles to communists and anti-Semites

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington

In a crowded field, Bill Shorten is possibly the most sleazily opportunistic political leader Australia has seen in decades, and a slimy disgrace to the Labor party. Bob Hawke wasn?t called ?jellyback? for nothing, but he was at the same time a genuine reformist. Paul Keating was arrogant, but also stood up for Australia?s interests against bullying Asian leaders, and even his bad policies, such as the Republican push, were at least sincere.

Of course, then came Rudd and Gillard. But even Rudd was genuine in his grandiose narcissism. Shorten is a greasy charlatan who began his political career with backroom deals that ripped off workers in return for bankrolling his own political aspirations. It?s all been downhill from there.

Mark Latham calls Shorten a ?non-event? who ?only takes on issues that are easy: flimflam such as gay marriage, indigenous constitutional recognition and the republic?. This is all true, but it?s also much worse than that. When it comes to greasing his career, Shorten is only too willing to bend over to dictators and pass them the lube. Quote:

In his Monday speech, Shorten sent a series of critical signals ? a Labor government will not ?accept the Trump administration?s confrontational stance against China; it will not prejudge China as a threat; it will strike an independent stance in dealing with US-China rivalry.

Labor in office will?be cog?nisant that Donald Trump puts US interests first and this means he will demand ?more reciprocity? in dealings with allies. ?This is a ?reality we have to understand,? Shorten said.

Shorten said Labor was committed to the 2 per cent GDP ?defence budget and, when pressed [about] Labor?s slashing of the ?defence budget when last in office, he declared that this pledge was ??fundamental?. End of quote.

Just like John Howard’s “never-ever” GST?

But Trump has made it clear that he is no longer going to tolerate mendicant allies who shelter behind American blood and treasure, sneering all the while.

If Shorten becomes prime minister, he will have to deal with a president he once mocked as ?barking mad?. Back then, Shorten felt safe shooting his mouth off because he foolishly wrote Trump off. Trump will surely remember Shorten?s sneer, just as he?ll be reminded that Labor sent its own staffers to work for Bernie Sanders and vandalise Trump signs.

Shorten is also trying to play handsies with an increasingly belligerent China.

He is, as a former Australian politician so colourfully put it, trying to watch a barbed-wire fence with a foot in each paddock. Quote:

Shorten?s theme, however, was managing differences within the US alliance?Arguing that Labor was prepared to disagree with the US, Shorten pointed to the 2003 Iraq war and its opposition to Trump?s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change, though he did not specify trade. End of quote.

Labor, under Hawke, backed the 1991 Gulf War. A decade later, Labor was in the process veering further leftwards, and flip flopped pathetically on the second Iraq War. Another decade on, and Shorten is willingly surrendering to the far left. So he nods and winks to the Chinese communists. Quote:

On China, Shorten?said Australia would assess where its interests with China aligned and where they ?diverged. Labor will not deal with China ?purely through the prism of worst-case assumptions about its long-term ambitions? but was alert to the differences in political systems and values. Labor would speak out when China?s action ?infringed Australia?s interests. End of quote.

This is just kinda-sorta-yeah-no admitting that Labor won?t make a squeak as the communists turn the Pacific into a Chinese lake.

China already treats Australia with contempt. Hundreds of its spies have infiltrated greedily compliant, left-dominated universities, with the openly stated purpose of ?picking flowers in foreign lands to make honey in China?: in other words, stealing military technology. China has already stolen sensitive plans for the JF-35 stealth fighter. Communist operatives are bullying and threatening Chinese national students on Australian campuses. Shorten can talk up his ?blue continent? Pacific partnership, but the Chinese will be well aware that he is made of water and snake oil.

The final act in Shorten?s opera of sycophancy was signalling to the Jew-haters in Jakarta that he is well prepared to sell out Israel to pander to Muslim bigotry. Quote:

On the Jerusalem embassy issue, Shorten said only Guate?mala and the US had arrived at this decision. He said the government?s decision was made without consultation with the foreign service or defence forces. End of quote.

In other words: don?t upset the Jew-haters in Jakarta.