Six days without Neve…

Credit: SonovaMin

In the history of New Zealand politics, there has never been a more incompetent and inexperienced government. They are trashing the economy and splashing around the public money that the previous government were at such pains to preserve. They don’t care. They lie, obfuscate (my new favourite word), redact, and when in doubt, they blame the previous government for ‘nine years of neglect’. We are going downhill very fast, and this government is pushing the handcart rapidly down the slope.

But they get away with it. They get away with it because we have an equally inept media pack, who fawn over the government and let them get away with murder. They, like the hip new kids in charge who look good, have lots of celebrity photo shoots and take a baby into cabinet meetings. It is all so COOL!

Amid more strikes than we have seen for a decade, a housing project that is a joke, a tree planting scheme that cannot get off the ground because no one thought to prepare the land, an immigration scandal where we accept only people of good character, unless they are wife beating drug lords who use false identities… here is the the latest offering from our media. Read it and weep, because this is our country going down the toilet, with the media doing the flushing. quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s trip to Singapore and Papua New Guinea this week will be her longest absence from her five-month-old baby, Neve.

She will be away for six days but will be in touching home base every day.

Ardern has taken Neve with her before, to New York in September when she attended leaders’ week at the United Nations General Assembly.

Her partner, Clarke Gayford, went to New York too to take care of the baby.

But uncertainty around the logistics in Papua New Guinea led the couple to decide that Ardern would be best to travel without him and the baby on this trip.

The RNZAF Boeing 757-200 will be landing in PNG on Saturday to drop Ardern off for the Apec summit and then departing for Cairns.

There is not enough space to park planes with 21 leaders attending, most with their own planes.

Gayford and the baby could have gone on to Cairns but the uncertainty was about whether all passengers would be required to disembark the RNZAF plane at Port Moresby before heading there for whatever reason.

PNG has had a polio outbreak recently and the baby has not been vaccinated. end quote.

Seriously… where do you start with this?

Did we hear about the time John Key spent away from his family, which was at least 5 days every week because he wanted them to continue with their life in Auckland and not disrupt his children’s education? No.

What about the time Steven Joyce spent away from his autistic son? No. The media was much more interested in activists throwing dildos at him.

What about all the money being splashed around in the Pacific? Has anyone in the media analysed the numbers from a cost/benefit analysis perspective?

What about the unemployment figures that came out last week? Did anyone in the media examine those to see if there were anomalies? Because there sure were.

No, no and no. Because the baby is cute and cuddly, it is hip to have a baby travel with all these dignitaries, and anyway, Jacinda is cool. End of story.

They will keep on pumping out these stories until the election, at which time Neve will appear on all the billboards and campaign literature because… well, just because.

Credit: SonovaMin

So long as the media is fawning over Jacinda and her baby, the government is not held to account, the opposition gets little traction, and the world is full of fairy dust.

But there is no fairy dust, the government is incompetent and irresponsible and nobody is doing anything about it.

This is our country that these incompetent fools are dragging down. Something needs to be done about it.