‘Speak Up for women’ call for a public retraction from Louisa Wall

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

The grassroots feminist campaign group formed to oppose sex self-ID in New Zealand,?Speak Up for women have called for a respectful debate in response to Labour MP Louisa Wall describing members of their group, and anyone else who shares their views, as “Fucking TERFS” whom she wanted to be banned from the pride parade. They have also called for Ms. Wall to make a public retraction of her “gross misrepresentation of international law” that she posted to social media.

The above claims about gender identity and international law by Labour MP Louisa Wall have been deleted from her Facebook page.

She wrote:?quote

?I stand by my comments that TERFs, or any group that proclaims trans women are not
women and should not be able to self identify and therefore change details on their birth certificates via statutory declaration are fundamentally discriminating against the human rights of trans women?. end quote.

In an attempt to prove her claim Wall quoted the 2010 ?Recommendation no. 28? under Article 2 of the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Under international law, however, the word ?woman? refers to biological sex, not gender identity.

Georgina Blackmore of?Speak Up For Women has said that this is a gross misrepresentation of international law. quote.

[…] The statement ?trans women are women? is a political campaign slogan, not a statement of legal fact. Louisa?s comments, which she repeated on national radio, are misleading the New Zealand public on points of law?

?It is concerning that a Member of Parliament can make such obviously false and misleading statements about the law. Labeling critics of the BDMRR Bill as ?TERFs? who are engaged in ?discrimination? against trans people is inaccurate, emotive and inflammatory. It is designed to demonise and silence critics. It is ultimately unhelpful to those on both sides of the debate?, said Ms Blackmore.

?We call on Labour and Ms Wall to acknowledge that her comments were incorrect and to publicly retract and apologise for them.? end quote.