Spring Street socialist gets deeper in bed with the reds

Caption: Daniel Andrews unveils Spring Street’s bold new look.

When Joe McCarthy shouted that there were hundreds of known Communists in the US State Department, he was definitely exaggerating and probably a few years late, but he wasn?t entirely wrong. Just because you?re paranoid, doesn?t mean they?re not out to get you.

The fact was that the State Department had been heavily infiltrated by Communist spies, but a great many had been weeded out by the time McCarthy got on the case. Jung Chang and Jon Holliday?s excellent biography of Mao also shows how extensively and effectively the Chinese Communists used moles and traitors to undermine their enemies. Decades on, the times may have changed, but some habits have never died.

The socialist leanings of the Labor party seem to make them a particular breeding ground for idiots useful to the Chinese Communists. Labor power-broker Sam Dastyari was forced to resign when it emerged that he had been on the take from Chinese agents in return for tip-offs, and efforts to influence Labor policy.

Now, it turns out that Chinese agents are working with Labor politicians at the highest level. Whaleoil has already reported the extraordinary decision of the socialist Andrews state government to put its hands out for billions of dollars from the Chinese. The strings attached to that money are becoming alarmingly clear.

Marxist Roz Ward, who helped create the creepy “Safe Schools” gender indoctrination program, once fantasised about raising the red flag over Victoria’s parliament house in Spring Street. It looks like her wish is coming true. Quote:

A staffer in Daniel Andrews?s office has been linked to China?s United Front organisation, which co-ordinates Beijing?s overseas influence operations, amid growing criticism of the Victoria Premier?s decision to sign up to Beijing?s Belt and Road Initiative.

The Australian can reveal Mr Andrews?s adviser Marty Mei was named a ?special consultant? to the Shenzhen Association of Australia, which is part of a network of organisations in Australia that is guided by the Chinese Communist Party?s United Front Work Department. End of quote.

A familiar name crops up. Quote:

Chinese property developer Huang Xiangmo ? branded by Malcolm Turnbull as ?a foreign national with the closest links to a foreign government? ? was appointed as one of the association?s eight honorary presidents. Mr Mei, a former multicultural adviser and now media adviser to the Premier, has travelled several times with Mr Andrews to China and claimed at last year?s World Chinese Economic Summit in Malaysia to have ?played a key role in the development of Victoria?s New China Strategy?. End of quote.

Huang is the agent who had been lining Dastyari?s pockets. Dastyari allegedly tipped off Huang that his phones were being monitored.

Like Dastyaris? borderline treason, Andrews? actions are also too much even for his fellow Labor MPs. Quote:

Melbourne Ports member Michael Danby yesterday became the first Labor MP to speak out publicly against Mr Andrews?s decision to sign a secret memorandum of understanding with China to join the BRI, saying all Australian governments should steer clear of the initiative?Mr Danby spoke out after three federal Labor MPs told The Australian they were astonished the Andrews government had decided to break ranks with federal Labor to back the initiative.

The Australian has also spoken to state MPs who are furious with Mr Andrews?s decision, questioning whether it was a ?captain?s call?.

?He has stepped over the mark this time,? a senior Andrews government MP said?Mr Andrews?s spokeswoman refused to say whether the decision was endorsed by cabinet. End of quote.

Clive Hamilton is about as far from right-wing as it?s possible to be, and even he is awake to what the Chinese are up to. Quote:

China watcher Clive Hamilton, whose book Silent Invasion details Beijing?s sophisticated campaign to extend its influence in Australia, said there was no doubt over the Shenzhen Association of Australia?s links to the United Front and the Chinese Communist Party?He said Canberra had been pushing back against Chinese influence, prompting the Chinese Communist Party to focus more on the states.

?With the signing of the Belt and Road MOU, Victoria has succumbed to Beijing?s divide and rule tactics,? he said. End of quote.

There?s never any shortage of useful idiots.