Sroubek decision made by the immigration minister

And no one else…

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

So there was no magic. No hidden secret that would make us all go “Yeah, of course, a drug smuggling, wife beating, gang associate can stay here.” None at all. It seems that the immigration minister made the decision entirely on his own and as we know, he made it in five minutes flat, without much serious consideration at all.?Stuff?reports: quote.

The decision to grant Karel Sroubek residency rested solely on the Immigration Minister, new documents show.

But it has yet to be confirmed if Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway based his decision on any implications the convicted drug smuggler’s safety was at risk if he returned to the Czech Republic. end quote.

Even though he has already been back to the Czech Republic during his time here? Even though the Czech Republic is an EU member state, with proper laws and security. Really? quote.

Immigration NZ general manager Stephen Dunstan told?Stuff?this month?no recommendations were included in the file presented to the minister when considering the?case, which Dunstan said was “at the absolute discretion of the decision-maker”. end quote.

There are no extenuating circumstances. Ian Lees-Galloway just made a terrible decision for the country and that is all there is to it.

So now we can just accept drug running wife beaters because the immigration minister says so. quote.

In written questions to Lees-Galloway, National’s immigration spokesman Michael Woodhouse asked if INZ made a recommendation to the minister on the preferred course of action on Sroubek or under his false name, Jan Antolik, for deportation liability.

Lees-Galloway replied, saying no and it was not the practice of INZ to provide advice, recommendations or opinions when presenting a deportation case to the minister. end quote.

You know what? I am going to quote the great Hillary Clinton here and yes, there is just a tiny element of sarcasm in what I say.

This decision was deplorable.

No excuses. No mitigating circumstances. After all of all the good people that have been denied residency here for relatively trivial reasons (teenagers, please look the word up in the dictionary), our immigration minister decided to give a serious criminal, in jail for drug dealing, residency in New Zealand.

Of course, we all want drug dealers and wife beaters as new citizens. It goes without saying.

I just think about the lovely American family that was sent packing last year because they didn’t quite make the business turnover that their forecasts had predicted. They had kids in school and at a university here, they owned a house and were great people in the community. We all loved them and campaigned for them to stay but they didn’t quite meet the criteria and were sent home.

Why are we taking wife beating drug dealers instead?

Ian Lees-Galloway is a dead minister walking. He absolutely has to go. He is a clown, without a clown suit.

This government is a joke. But I am not laughing. Are you?