Sroubek decision made within an hour

Oh God. It gets worse and worse. While Jacinda was defending Ian Lees-Galloway’s decision to grant residency to drug dealer Karel Sroubek last week, she created the impression that she knew all about the case. She was obfuscating, for sure, but we were left with the impression that there was a lot of information that could not be revealed publicly – hence the ‘read between the lines’ scenario.

Well, it turns out that she found out about the decision in the same way as we all did… via the media.

Stuff ?reports: quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern found out about Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway’s decision to grant residency to?Karel Sroubek?in the media.

Ardern said her first reaction when finding out about it was to question the minister. end quote.

You might think so, prime minister. I couldn’t possibly comment. quote.

“What is unusual is some of the basis of the minister’s decision has been contradicted by other information in the public domain.”

It now makes sense to go back and work alongside immigration officials to determine what should have been available and if that affects the decision in this case, she said.

The decision for the courts and parole board were not made known to the Immigration Minister when they should have been, she added. end quote.

It gets even worse than that. While writing this article, I heard on the news that the immigration minister?decided on Sroubek’s residency?in less than an hour.

So what Jacinda said was garbage. It doesn’t matter how much information the minister is given if he’s going to just flick over it and make a decision on the hoof, does it? No wonder he hides behind pillars in Parliament. quote.

He also said he did not read the full file on the Czech drug smuggler, and instead “read the aspects of the file that I thought were necessary to make the decision that I made”.

Lees-Galloway was questioned by media about the time frame on Thursday. “So you read a whopping great file, you asked a whole bunch of questions and you made a massive decision in an hour,” a reporter said.

“That’s the job,” Lees-Galloway replied. end quote.
What a smug reply. No. That is not the job. The job of the immigration minister is to make careful and reasoned decisions about who gets to live in this country for the good of our society and the protection of our citizens.
We all believed that there were extenuating circumstances around the Srobek decision that even Jacinda knew about and supported. It turns out that he really is a wife beating, drug dealing gang associate who arrived here on a false passport and is facing extradition for crimes in his home country and Ian Lees-Galloway took less than an hour to review the file and let him stay.
It also turns out that Jacinda was lying to the media and knew nothing of the case because her immigration minister knew nothing about it either.
The arrogance is breathtaking. They get away with this sort of incompetence all the time. quote.

The minister said he took “much, much longer on this decision than I took on other decisions”.

However, he would not give an exact time frame on the usual length for such a decision. end quote.

I’m not sure why, but that statement from Lees-Galloway gives me no comfort. If an hour on a residency case of a convicted criminal is a long time for a ministerial decision, then clearly most similar decisions are done and dusted in minutes. That is simply not good enough.

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So we had a minister for open and transparent government that hides meetings, and a minister that physically abused her staff.

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We now have an immigration minister who makes residency decisions on difficult cases without due and proper consideration in a ridiculously short time frame. No wonder there are now serious calls for his head to roll.

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We always said that this government’s talent pool was as shallow as a car park puddle in the middle of summer. Right now, it seems the even the car park puddle has more depth.