Sroubek liable for deportation

Karel Sroubek image credit Newshub

RNZ ?has just announced that Karel Sroubek is now liable for deportation when he leaves prison.

He is to be deported once he has left prison and will not be allowed to return to New Zealand.

Immigration minister Iain Lees-Galloway claims that new information came to light after he made the initial decision to grant Sroubek permanent residency, which has given him cause to overturn his decision.

The new information obtained concerned convictions that Sroubek had incurred in the Czech Republic, which would have meant that he would never have qualified for an NZ visa, had the immigration department been aware of these convictions.

Because Sroubek came to New Zealand under a false identity, those convictions did not come to light until recently.

In making the decision, Iain?Lees-Galloway said he had to consider the possible danger to Sroubek if he were deported, against the danger Sroubek presented towards New Zealand residents if he were allowed to stay.

Sroubek has the right to appeal this decision.