Stop apologising for goodness sake!

Why oh why did the Hawera Mt View Lions Club apologise to the militant activists who chose to be offended by a parade that included black and white minstrels?

They had done nothing wrong and they knew that they had done nothing wrong and their first and correct reaction was to stand up for themselves saying quote.

This is by no means meant to be derogatory as a racist commentary rather a celebration of all cultures. What if these persons had been dressed up representing Maori wahine and warriors. Would that have been offensive too?

This group of ladies work very hard for you the community and support all the diverse cultures within it. Let’s not be too precious or PC.?Next parade let’s see you participate and join in the celebration that is the Agricultural and Pastoral heritage of our district. End quote.

What they could have added to this response, but didn’t, was that the music playing along with the float was the Michael Jackson hit song, Black or White, with its heralding chorus of ?it don?t matter if you’re Black or White?! Clearly, the message was an inclusive one and the?racism and offence were?manufactured by the activists who complained.

This is why the apology and back-down from the Lions club is so disappointing. Activists now know that they can accuse anyone of any kind of manufactured offence no matter how spurious and unjust and their target will back down and apologise even though they are innocent.

Photo by Kenny Rodger/Getty Images

Consider the chilling effect of this coup for the real racist Hone Harawira who famously once said?that he would not accept his daughter bringing home a Pakeha boyfriend. Harawira incited violence against the Lions club for their harmless float saying, “You know what folks??Sometimes you just got to put all your academic angst in your back pocket and just smash the racist mother**kers!” “F**kwits like this just laugh at your complaints, but they bleed like everybody else.” This is the same guy, remember, who happily took money from the great white German Kim?Dot Com and killed off the Mana party by so doing.

He is an irrelevant ex-politician trying to get media headlines. Next thing, he and the other PC racists will be attacking craft people at markets for knitting golliwogs… oh wait.